Pokemon TCG Online New Player’s Guide

Pokemon TCG Online New Player’s Guide by Prof_Snow

If you’re frustrated or completely lost, that’s probably why you’re here! So allow me to explain how to get started in the TCG Online:

So what do I do first?
First, let’s get you an avatar! Nothing says “I’m a newbie” more than having a blank avatar, and we don’t want that!
Head over to the avatar creator by either the TCG Online interface button, or the link at the bottom of the page:

Now you have tons of custom option to choose from by clicking on any of the highlighted objects:

You’ll have the option to change many different things on your avatar, such as:

  • Shirt
  • Jacket
  • Pants/Skirt
  • Shoes
  • Hats
  • Accessories

Once you’re done customizing make sure to save your avatar by selecting “Save.” Enter a name for your saved avatar and press “Okay.” You should see a box pop up indicating that your avatar has been saved.

Looking good! (Or completely weird, whichever you prefer XD) But let’s get to the part you’ve all been waiting for….

How do I start battling?!
Well let’s get started by going into the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. You’ll see a screen like this (important places highlighted in green):

Whoa now! You can’t go into the fray empty handed! You have to create a deck first!
You can use the deck builder to create your own deck – Deck Builder Tutorial
You can jump right into the action with the basic yellow deck that was given to you. Go into your collection, in the “Packs” tab and click on that yellow deck. Be sure to save it to a deck box once you do! If you forgot to save it to a deck box don’t worry! You can always go into the deck builder and reassemble it.

Once you have a deck you can use the “Multiplayer” buttons at the top of the screen to start battling other players, exciting! Make sure to select your deck AND your coin in order to make the “Find Match” button appear. You can only fight with a legal deck as well.

What does “Legal” mean?

“Legal” means that you are using only cards that you own. You can’t battle with a deck using cards that you don’t even have silly! If your deck is not marked as legal, go into the deck builder to fix it.

Have you decided that the default deck is just not good enough to get your win numbers up? Maybe you want to expand your ultra-mega-awesome card collection as well. You have a few options here:

  • Trading
  • Redeeming booster codes
  • Redeeming deck codes
  • Playing the Trainer Challenge to unlock more basic-type decks
  • Watching the announcements section for more card-collecting options of the future!

Which brings probably brings us to your next question:

How do I trade?
There’s a lovely trading tutorial made by one cool Prof. right here – Trading Walkthrough

Where do I get booster codes?
A lot of booster code questions are addressed in this topic here – How to get more boosters

How do I redeem my booster codes?
Another question that has already been addressed right here – How to redeem booster codes
That topic also answers how to find your boosters once you have redeemed them.
What are deck codes and how do I know that I’ll get one?
Deck codes are codes that can be found in the Pokemon theme decks that you can buy in stores. You can find more information about them here – All about Deck Codes
Remember – NOT ALL DECKS CONTAIN CODES! Only decks that are marked with the TCG Online symbol will contain codes. That symbol looks like this:

I have no idea what’s going on! How do I play this game?!?!
Gah! Don’t panic! The Pokemon Trading Card Game is pretty easy to learn, we even have a tutorial section for you to get started!

Check out the tutorials here – Learn how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game
With that you’ll be a TCG expert in no time! If you want to sharpen your skills before battling other players, try playing the Trainer Challenge. When you win 12 games using each of the basic decks provided, you’ll unlock those decks in the TCG Online!

To take on the Trainer Challenge head here – Trainer Challenge
You can find a bunch of FAQs regarding the Trainer Challenge (such as how to switch decks and coins) in our general FAQ section here – Trainer Challenge FAQs
I think something is not working right, how do I report a glitch/bug?
We appreciate all the time and effort that everyone puts into the game, and for putting up with all the bugs that tend to appear when any game is in beta. We love to get your feedback and reports, but it’s most helpful to do so by submitting a ticket through our support portal. This way the bug is easier to track and the number of players that it’s affecting.

You can also use the same support portal to report any foul play that you may suspect amongst your fellow players.
In order to submit a support ticket follow our guidelines here – How to file a bug report


Well I hope that this beginner’s guide has been helpful. Good luck in all your Pokemon TCG Online adventures!

As always, stay cool!

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