Pockie Ninja Trade Market Guide

Pockie Ninja Trade Market Guide by Kachi

Trade Market………………………………[TM1]
Selling/Buying/Trading Etiquette……[TM2]
List of Scammers…………………………[TM3]
Price Guide…………………………………[TM4]

Most people new to Pockie Ninja have a couple of questions concerning buying/selling and trading to other players, some of which are covered in this excellent guide, but for others, their questions stem deeper, into how not to lose money for the suits you’ve spent your precious gold to obtain. In this guide, you will find my recommendations on how to utilize the trade market to its fullest potential, without having the risk of losing your stones (or gold).

To reiterate:

1) Trading is level 25+
2) Only items that are unbound can be traded
3)You cannot unbound a bound item. Once an unbound item is worn, it is permanently bound.
Unbound Item.png Bound Item.png

On a side note, unbound items can be obtained in 1 of 2 ways:

1) Outfits – Through breaking jars purchased with gold
2)Equipment – Through Valhalla, randomly. You might obtain a bound one, but there i also a small chance u get an unbound one.

1) Trade Market – Level 25+ TM1
Trade Market.png

The trade market is the command center for player to player trading. For those new to the system, please refer to the explanation of each tab below.

Buy Tab.png

This is the tab that players use when they want to set up an auction to purchase an item. This is how all player to player buying and selling should take place, with the buyer setting up a buy, and the seller then selling the item to him/her. You must have the amount of stones/gold u want to buy the item for, otherwise you will not be able to submit the auction. Once a seller has sold you the desired item, you can return to this tab and press stored to place it in the trade warehouse.

Purchase Item
Purchase Item.png

After setting up your auction in Buy, it will appear here. For a player to then sell you an item, they have to drag the item it into the message box, and choose whether to be paid in stones or gold.

Sell Tab.png

This tab displays everything in your inventory eligible for sale. If an item doesn’t show up here, it cannot be sold. Click the sell button to set up a price to sell your item for, and it will be placed to be sold to a potential buyer.

Buy Item
Buy Item.png

This tab shows all items people have put up to be sold. Browse the various items people are selling, click buy to purchase it, and chose your method of payment. Items are placed in the trade warehouse after purchase.

Consign Item
Consign Item Tab.png

This tab displays all items you have put up to sell. Here you can withdraw your sale or send it to the trade warehouse by pressing stored after having withdrawn or successfully sold the item.

Trade Warehouse
Trade Warehouse Tab.png

After successfully having someone buy or sell you an item, they appear here. Clicking claim puts the item/gold/stones into your inventory.

2)Selling/Buying/Trading Etiquette TM2

A) Buying
When buying an item from another player, it is common courtesy to set up the buy, since the other player is selling you the item, which you obviously want. After determining how much you are going to be buying the item for, head over to the buy tab, rather than have them go to the sell tab, and set up a buy. This way, there is no possibility someone buys the item before you (if the seller had set up a sell) and YOU set the price the item is being bought for. so no possiblity of accidentally buying a grey for 100k, instead of 10k

B) Selling
When selling someone an item, as previously stated, have them set up the buy, rather than you set up the sell. This is safer for the buyer, as it ensures they receive the item without any chance of someone buying it before them, and saves the seller from losing more money than they already are from tax.

C) Trading
How to trade one item for another

Many players wonder how players trade one item for another, since the trade market doesn’t allow for items to be used as method of payments. In order to trade you have 2 options, one of which removes 99% possibility to scam.

Method 1 (Safe):
~ Lets assume someone wants to trade Rock Lee for your Ino; two items of relatively similar value. Lets establish their prices as around 30k each. You would enter into the trade market and set up a buy for Rock Lee for 30k, and the trader sets up a buy for Ino for 30k. Then, once both buys are set up, each player sells the other their respective items. This method allows for collateral, meaning if the trader had, for example, not sold you rock lee, but you sold them ino, you still come out with 30k stones, rather than with nothing. The only downfall to this method is you lose money on tax, and you have to have enough money to do it.

Method 2 (Risk):
~This method is the same as the previous one, except you place the items for 1 stone each, then trade at the same time. Make sure you have a reliable seller, because there is a risk of them keeping your item. I would ALWAYS use method one, because the risk isn’t always worth the reward.


If you come accross a scammer, comment below and i’ll place them on this list to warn people to avoid trading with them.

3) Price Guide TM4

After seeing the absurd prices going on in my server (naruto selling for 200k? 400k? 650k?) i decided to write a pricing guide to give people a rough estimation of prices for specific outfits on different servers. Obviously I do not know every outfit price and this will take some community contribution, but until then I have some price suggestions for outfits on the server i play on. If anyone thinks my prices should be altered (higher/lower/wtv), let me know, and I will look into it and make the corresponding changes. These are only SUGGESTIONS, what u sell them for is ultimately your choice.

Server 02 – Smelting Mountain

Naruto/Sasuke/Bomb Ichigo/White Ichigo/4th Hokage

95k ~ 120k

Hollow Grimmjow

35k ~ 45k (usually closer to 40k)


35k ~ 40k

Hitsugaya Toushiro

35k ~45k

Rock Lee

35k ~ 40k


30k ~ 35k



15k ~ 25k

Ggio Vega

15k (if your lucky) ~ 25k

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