Pockie Ninja Pet Tracing Guide

Pockie Ninja Pet Tracing Guide by sagejiraiya420

Hello today I will be teaching you guys how to do pet tracing. This requires 1 requirement.
1. Must be level 18.

Ok now go to your main village. And click on this building.

Pet Tracing Part 1.jpg

Ok once inside you will see this.

Pet Tracing Part 2.jpg

Now what you wanna do is try and flip as many cards as you can before you hit a dead end.
I will show you how I would complete this for best possible reward.

Pet Tracing Part 3.jpg
Each time you do this and claim your reward it will randomize the direction of the arrows and you do it over again.

For best possible rewards try and flip all cards or as many as you can.

List of Rewards Include.

1. Pet Eggs
2. Pet Food
3. Other Pet Features
4. Feathers – Lots and lots of feathers! LOL

Thanks for reading this.

I am on Server 8 and name is SageMode.

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