Pockie Ninja Money Saving Guide

Pockie Ninja Money Saving Guide by mastayo

Key ways to save money while still able to get the outfits you want without spending a dime.

This is a very simple guide but i think its very effective

Since level 1 always check the Equipment Merchant every 30 mins when the store refreshes and buy the weapon dissemble scroll whenever you see it in the shop and stock up on those and never sell/throw but keep all equips you obtain no matter what sync value they are because they all can be used at later levels.

Right when you hit level 10 start accepting all the quests from the reward quest centre available and every time it refreshes make sure you go and accept them again, this saves a lot of money and if you’ve gotten lucky and accumulated quite a few of the weapon dissemble scrolls every 60 mins you will be able to get according to your level 1.5-2.5k stones from doing the reward quest.

Its very tempting to spend all your arena medals and open Jars right when you get them but the the best way to get your worth in medals is to save them up until you have accomplished the Prep rank which will allow you to open up the next Jar rank, the reason why its a good idea to wait is because the items you get from the Prep Jars such as Exp/Medal/Points Bags give 1300/200/12 instead of them giving 450/10/8 from the JR Jars.

Everyday your account gets refreshed meaning able to go dungeons and movement replenished, first thing to do is some valhalla hard dungeons easiest way to get high grade items + whenever you can do SLOTS which is a little Party Quest you can do on various outside maps, and by doing this is a good way to get items also but will take 3 movement every time you participate.

Following these steps might slow your leveling but you can always use the Training Hall while you sleep to catch up and from my experience this is what i’ve benefited from doing this. By the time i reached Prep Rank i was level 26 with 60k stones 400 coupons and 6000 medals and tons of equips saved up in my inventory.

Soo this is when the fun part starts, after hitting Prep rank go spend all your medals on Jars to obtain some Grey/Blue outfits and since you’ve kept all your equips since level 1 its much easier to sync and get the outfit you want without spending any money its very easy to get blue outfits by syncing grey ones and by doing SLOTS and Valhalla dungeons everyday you would have gotten equips with sync value 39 you can keep them or use them to make orange outfits or if your not a fan of orange outfits and would like to keep and work on your blue outfit, the best way to get the same outfit you want is to sync your blue outfit with 2 equips with sync value 14 which will give you another random blue outfit some people say to use 1s items but i found that using sync value 14 items did the same trick and cost way less.

if you guys have any questions about Synthesis go >> Synthesis Guide
The link is a Post by Neliel who wrote a guide about Syntesis Formulas.

Hope this helped you guys sorry if its confusing i tried making it as easy to understand as possible well hoped it helped thanks.

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