Orcs Must Die Maps List

Orcs Must Die Maps List by Smeggit

Gidday.  I was having a hard time remembering which levels were which so I created this to tide me over untill a proper Wiki is created.  My photo editing skills are minimal to say the least so this is a very amature job ;-)

Edit:  I have updated the image with clearer text and added indicators where Acts 1,2 & 3 start.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks. I came to find out where acts 2 and 3 began but I also like the pic for remembering the maps. Good job.

  2. Nyteshade says:

    I've got a huge problem with the maps in the game!
    In some map the biggest part of the maps are INVISIBLE ?!?!?!
    and if I jump down into the invisible part I die!
    in the first time it's ok.. but if I spawn in the nothing and spawn here again… and again
    and I can't play 'cause I always die.
    How can I solve this problem?
    send me a mail: nyteshade@vampirefreaks.com

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