Operation 7 Tips

Operation 7 Tips by FE4R

Tip #1 “The general”: I know this is mentioned a lot of times but it is very important that you know this. In headhunting. When some guy always finds you. Take note that you are shown as the orange arrow on their radar. Also, When you are not general, You can use the orange arrow as an advantage to find where the general is. Just don’t rush to get him/her though.

Tip #2 “Ask your comrades before buying guns!”: Before choosing and buying the weapon, Make sure you ask your comrades 1st or put a poll here that way, You can know which ones are good based on ppl’s opinions. Test it 1st though before buying.

Tip #3 “Buying guns without testing is downright s.t.u.p.i.d!”: Test guns before buying

Tip #4 “Meet the requirements”: Before yelling lag lag lag!, Make sure you look at your system specs 1st like for example,
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo T7100
Ram: 3GB
Graphics Card: Nvidia Geforce 8400m GS

Tip #5 “BRS, Laggers & Your bad internet”: If you got a beastass PC but your still lagging like sh*t, Check your internet if its malfunctioning or if you have bad internet, get a better one. Also, You might be in a room with a very laggy/br host

Tip #6 “Seeing with your ears”: You might want to use headphones/earphones to hear better & see with your ears not eyes (Not to be taken literally ). Listen to the surroundings. If you hear footsteps or any sound and there are no green arrows around you. THATS THE ENEMY!!!! (Btw, This works great on survival or demolition)

Tip #7 “The App that makes your ears hear stuff beyond human”: If you have an iPhone or Android; I strongly recommend playing this game called Papa Sangre. It is a horror hearing game that makes you see with your ears not eyes (Literally this time!) Here is the link for Papa Sangre if you want to see what it is:

Tip #8 “Practice makes perfect”: Practice a lot on the firing range toget better. I know I did!

Tip #9 “Lean lean lean!”: Don’t just walk without leaning. What do you think leanings for? Use it and use it wisely.

Tip #10 “Melee”: If on laptop, I strongly recommend changing the keys you are comfortable with for example, The original melee button was “mouse wheel”. I didn’t like it so I changed it to “Shift”. When meleeing, You should practice with your friend by hitting each other and be serious about it!

Tip #11 “You need to be known!”: You met the clan requirements, You got 20k gold or 30k gold & your level met the requirements and you want to make a clan. Don’t we all? You want your clan to be successful right? You want to be part of the top 10 in Clans right? Chat with ppl during gameplay (Don’t flame or insult) and make a lot of friends. Be known around on op7 or else, When you make a clan, Noobs are going to join and your clan will fail miserably. Also, You might want to set the lvl requirements. Liike Lvl 12 and above only or you might wanna say KDR’s higher then 1.00 only

TIP #12 from me would be to reload your gun often after a kill or few, simply, whenever you get the space and time.. but know when to without reloading every second, timing is cruicial.. it saves bullets and rounds and also allows you to be prepared with more bullets to shoot the next opponent.
Those with quick reload are luckier than those without so make sure you get Ncashing!!! ;P

TIP #13 Even though this is common sense, this would mainly apply for beginners.. once you get used to controlling the gun you choose to use in games, make sure to try and aim for the chest and head for quicker and easier kills.

TIP #14 Buy ncash items that can assist you in game to become a beast!… Quick aim, reload, and switch, hp and stamina injectors, 3 nade belt.. nuff said. Buy ncash. lol

tip#15 when you failed to kill someone
start running the other way because there might be a good chance they will be following you
so in this case try throwing a granade behind you as you run
this is what i call a ***** trap lol

tip#16 always be on the move
don’t camp often

tip#17 use q and e botton really fast while firing at someone at close range
this make it harder for them to hit you

tip#18 q+a or e+d to loop around the emeny at very close range
this make it even harder for them to hit you

Always use your minimap ([Key: M] by default) and your radar (left low corner of the screen when you are playing) to know how close they are from your place and where tey are exactly on the map.
Listen for footsteps by using Headphones this will help you to know how close your rival is from you.
Walk Crouched to minimize the risk to be heard from a rival.
Some of us remove the auto repawn to have a kill cam.
Enjoy the game now you know the high level secrets.


when you play this game mode the opposing general will show up on the radar around every 3 to 4 seconds! So if your the general you will be easy to spot! That includes the same if you are the general…. the other team will know where to find you if theu pay attention to their radar.

Please dont call hacks for chams when your the general…. because you are able to be seen and located very easily

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