Minecraft Surviving Your First Night Guide

Minecraft Surviving Your First Night Guide by overlordollie

Hello, and welcome to my tutorial on surviving your first night. Keep this guide handy if you are a newb to Minecraft, because all the information in this guide will help you. Some of the pictures included in this are prior the Minecraft Wiki.

Chapter 1: You just spawned!

You have just spawned in the world of Minecraft, where thrills, adventure, and creepers :SSSS: await! Take a look at your surroundings. What do you see? If you have spawned in this biome:

Posted Image

then you can find some trees to punch down. If you spawn in a biome with a lack of trees, move out and find another one. If night comes too quickly, make a hole in the ground and place a bed:

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so in order to get the wool you should kill sheep on your way to the trees.

If you have spawned in a biome with a large quanity of trees, gather up 16 units of wood and using them, press E and place your wood in the crafting area, all of it in one slot. Then hold shift and click the wooden planks and you will recieve them all.

Chapter 2: Beginning to build
So, you have some wood. Now you must find a place to build on. A nice, flat area with needed resources nearby (e.g mine, river) would be perfect.

Start with some foundations. A 6×6 square of wooden planks would be nice, using 36 wooden planks. After this you should start on some 3 block high walls, which will probably vanquish the remainder of your planks before you finish it. If this happens, punch down some more trees. After this wall is complete, make a roof on the top of your house, which is going to be probably the last thing you do before night. If night comes before you have finished, don’t threat; you can finish it later. Only if the mistake is critical and leaving out some major part to your house (e.g wall) you should carry on building. We also recommend that building should continue inside your house at night, not outside.

Chapter 3: Now what?

Seeing you have no torches, sleeping is useless. So do things like crafting, smelting (if you got some cobblestone on the way) and anything else that will benefit you. Just don’t go outside until day. If a creeper is trying to get in, do not worry; because the defences of your house will prevent it. Don’t go next to the wall or your asking for it.

Thank you for reading this tutorial, I hope you use it.

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