Magicka Tips

Magicka Tips by The Farseer and others

1. Sword attacks are amazingly useful. To prepare your sword, shift left-click when you’ve got a spell charged. Shift left-click again to use the attack. At the very least, this gives you a “prepared” spell for use if you get in a tight spot. I like to use four lightning and one arcane and pretend I’m a Jedi. SWOOSH ZUM SWOOSH.

2. You can prepare spells whilst casting. If you’re charging / casting a spell after selecting all the elements and clicking the mouse button, you can start preparing the elements for the next one. Useful for rapid-fire casting.

3. Get goblins off ASAP. If a goblin jumps on your back and you have an AoE nearby knock that little bastard off. As far as I can tell, goblins ALWAYS RIDE YOU INTO AOE and this usually kills you.

4. Water + lightning = awesome sauce

5. lightning + arcane = Dragon ball Z, I think this one is pretty powerful. Maybe the most powerful spell I know so far. Of course it’s bloody slow so in coop you could have someone to keep the trash mobs away from the long range dragon ball z dude.

6. Arcane+shield creates mine looking things, pretty strong, good for getting rid of goblins.

7. If you are getting shot at by a lot of archers shield+right click creates a wall, can heal, cast shield on yourself then haste and kill the archers immidiately.

8. Arcane+lightning is really cool as stated before but I like using it as a AoE attack (shift + right click if you are using default), pretty damaging and usually enough to kill goblins in short order

9. Water AoE, Cold AoE (shift + right click) followed by anything is awesome, giving you lots of time to do whatever you want.

10. Always run around with shield and haste on.

11. For the bombers you can use fire + arcane (+almost anything if you want) beam to kill them really fast, fire makes them explode. Kill them immidiately when they come.

12. For trolls, or for any single target that have lots of health, I found that Water+Arcane, Cold+Arcane into 5x Earth projectile is the most damaging. Keep the Cold+Arcane for a while, casting 5x Earth.

13. For fun, Water+shield (right click) creates a wall of rain which you can use cold or lightning afterwards.

14. I love using water+cold to get ice and 5xIce AoE (shift + right click) is amazing. Or even ice projectile is pretty good.

15. Steam and steam+arcane is pretty damaging as well.

16. A full earth spell is probably the strongest weapon in the entire game. It just insta-kills everything but trolls and maybe Jormungandr (got upto the goblins, lost the staff, tried to restart from the start of that level and ended up RIGHT back at the beginning ) especially if you charge it up.

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