Level R Running Out of Fuel in Thunder Alley

Level R Running Out of Fuel in Thunder Alley by learnhowtobrake

Ever wondered what happened when you run out of fuel in Thunder Alley?

I tried to make this as short as possible, however it seems that alot of mechanics which affect the gameplay, whenever a racer experiences the effects of running out of fuel.

I’m sure, most of you knows that running out of fuel is VERY UNLIKELY in Thunder Alley. As the operator warns you around four times before and when the fuel gets depleted.

When you run out of fuel, your vehicle will lose alot of accelcation power and the top speed will drop to around 140kmh. If your still going at high speeds of over 250 km/h after you run out, it’s best to hold on the accelcatior for a bit.

It’s easier to hold the accelerator as your vehicle will have a harder time starting from nothing after recovering from a situation. Getting from 0 kmh to 10 km/h takes you around 15 to 20 seconds under this condition, you wouldn’t notice it from zero to two km/h however will ease up a bit afterwards.

Performing sharp turns will reduce your speed slightly.

Unfortunatety, if you missed the pits, you will HAVE to run the entire lap until you reach to the entrance of the pits to refuel.

Reversing or entering the pit exit will give you a ‘rebellious’ penalty and will transport you back onto the track. It will be counted as a black flag and you’ll be stationary for a short time. Keep entering this way and the penalty will be increase.

No fuel also renders you invisible for the other racers on the track. This prevent a blockade for the other racers not to ram into you.

You can try this in the single player to see the effects for yourself and it’s worth thinking about if you ever experience the effects of running out of fuel in the multiplayer races.

Note: This guide results was gather from driving the Rookie TA vehicle, other vehicles may vary.

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