Level R How to Brake Quickly on Simulation Mode

Level R How to Brake Quickly on Simulation Mode by rado84

How to brake faster in Level R

This is a tip how to brake faster in Level R. In the video below I’m driving a 4×4 Quadro SF-6 but this way of braking works for all cars. The only requirement is you to be quick enough if you’re driving with the default keys set by Invictus. If you’re like me and you can’t drive normal with the default keys here are mine: Shift – Gear Up, Ctrl – Gear Down, Numpad 0 – Handbrake, Numpad 1 – Look Back, Space – Reset Car. Clutch is set to automatic, gears are manual. And now the tips:

– if you wanna just slow down, so you can get in and out of the corner better and on higher speed, you just have to begin slowing down a little further before the corner and besides the braking itself you also have to shift down quickly but not too quickly or your car will hit the highest rpm and depending on the model it could start spinning. Besides that, you have to take the role of the real-life ABS system. That means that you have to hit the brake by stages if you want to stop quicker. If you just hold the braking button you will most probably block the brakes and the car will continue to slide and definitely hit the coming wall because when you block its brakes you can not steer in any direction but forward. Well, of course it depends on the coming corner and if it’s an easier one like those in the video you don’t have to do the ABS work. But if the corner is sharp then you have to do the ABS work, slow down earlier and shift down while doing the other two things. On the other hand it also depends on the track and the road covering. If you’re driving on gravel like on the English and French tracks then you definitely need to do the ABS work otherwise you will be “climbing the walls” all the time.

– but if you wanna avoid crashing into another car you need to stop as fast as possible. Then here comes in hand the handbrake. In this case instead of doing the ABS job you have to hold the braking button (Down Arrow), hit and hold the handbrake and shift quickly down to 1st or 2nd gear depending on the speed you have been driving with when you started hard braking.

In the video I’ve shown all of this. Don’t pay attention to the strange shifting when handbraking. This is a bug in the game which involves the numpad keys that I’m using to drive.

Here are 2 links for the video:

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