Level R Beginner’s Tips

Level R Beginner’s Tips by Arcadian

Here’s some essential tips for all new Level-R players:

1. Do all possible single player tutorials, challenges and license test missions, before going online.

2. Pick carefully which class 1 car you want to upgrade first. Take notes of which car seem to win most often on the tracks you like the most and upgrade that one foryourself as well.

3. Do not waste your RP on nonsense, before your class 1 car is fully upgraded. The full upgrades will set you back 58800 RP and if you decide to get the Corall, you will need additional 15000 RP for it (if you want to permanently purchase it).

4. When you decide to go online, try Thunder Alley or Exlporer in same class rooms first. If you want to try other game modes (and your class 1 car is not yet fully upgraded), look for same car rooms or create a same class room, if there isn’t any available.

5. When your class 1 car has all the upgrades, you can start racing in same class rooms.

6. Stay away from rooms with no restrictions or the same category restriction. You are likely to run into some high level racers with high class cars in them and will not have any chance for decent competition or winning.

7. Try new cars (with upgrades) in the test drive mode before purchasing them. You can also rent cars for extended test drive in all game modes, if you’re not sure which one you want to buy permanently.

8. Get at least one fully upgraded car for each class in logical order class by class.

9. save replays of really fast drivers and study their race line

10. look for or make rooms with sim mode. If you learn to handle the cars well in sim mode arcade rooms will become too easy for you to win

11. drifting through corners is always slower than breaking and keeping the grip

12. balancing upgrades do make a difference. do not ignore them

13. be sure to get a cl3 cobra as soon as you can and learn to drive it really well. it’s a really good car but tougher to handle. it can compete even with cl4.

14. ignore rating and just be nice, race clean and have fun

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