Legends of Xian Treasure Hunt Tips

Legends of Xian Treasure Hunt Tips by xianhu

I believe most of us are very curious about the Treasure hunt function in Legends Of Xian. Actually, although this function takes Gold/Silver, the items you get out of it are really great. I myself got a whole Ascella Set by doing the copper hunt. In this thread Imma take about how to use the Treasure hunt function efficiently and wisely.

First of all, let’s look at the wood treasure hunt. This hunt costs silver, well, since it is the cheapest in the treasure hunt, you can’t expect the items to be godly. I got like exp. potions, several level 1 gems, as well as some copper tiger spells from this hunt. Well, I think the best stuff in this hunt is the copper tiger spells, cuz without this spell, you wouldn’t be able the challenge the Jia Yu Pass. Jia Yu Pass, as most of us already know, is a perfect place to level up and get blue items. It sucks that we can only do it 3 times a day.  Some ppl might ask, how many should I attack? 1, 10 or 50? lol, well, Attacking 10 appears to be the best option for me, I think attacking one is sheer wasting of time and money. 50 is too expensive, it takes like 150 silver. Imma split it into 5 tries if I have this amount of silver. Somehow, I found that the chance of getting copper tiger spells is bigger in the attacking 10 mode. But if you are really rich, and you’ve got like 1500 silver, you can give the attacking 50 mode a shot, you might also get good stuff.lol

The Copper Treasure Hunt, hehe, I would like to say, this hunt is my favorite! I got level 4 gems, Ascella sets, and silver tiger spells.lol, awesome. Actually, I suggest players under level 80 do this hunt if they want to become stronger. Though the Gold Treasure Hunt gives godly items, but the required level for these items is usually 80+. You got them, but you can not equipment them to your heroes, then those items become pure shit. Well, I think players should also attack 10 if they are doing this hunt, the same reason as the wood hunt. And I do enjoy having more tries in this hunt. I don’t want to use my Gold up so soon. Yeah, I still want to say something about the Ascella set. It is a very good set even when you are level 90+ (I got this info. from some experienced players in our server, don’t know if it is true) I had this test before in the Jia Yu Pass. First, I did not equip the Ascella set to my hero, then I can only get to like floor 65. Then, in my next try, I equipped the set to my arch hero, I hit floor 75. You see the difference?

And the Gold Treasure Hunt, I’ve only tried this hunt for like 2 or 3 times. So I guess I don’t have too much say about this. All I know it’s for players level 90+ and they could get the Alkaid set in this hunt. This set is a very rare one. No one, so far as I know, has this set.

Well, I guess that is all I got to say about treasure hunt. If you guys have any thought, please reply in this thread.

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