Legends of Xian State Wars Guide

Legends of Xian State Wars Guide by xianhu

How to Join State Wars :

1. Sign up for state war

(1) Time: 19:40 ~21:00;
(2) Place: cities connecting your state with other states. Simply enter a Pass and click “Sign up” for state war.
(3) Deadline of sign-up: 20:00. When the attacking side has up to 10 players, a state war battlefield is shaped.

2. Engage 

After a state war battlefield related to your state is shaped, you can enter a Pass to fight for your state. Simply click “Engage”.
Any player that loses in 10 battles during a state war cannot join the sate war of the day anymore.

3. Qualifications for state wars

When you reach LV 40 (ATK STR≥35), you can sign up for state wars in a battlefield within your state. Otherwise, you could only watch others play.

4. Match of fighters 

Players are divided into 3 battlefield levels. Players will fight against each other within the same battlefield level.
(1) Battlefield 1: 40 ≤LV<60; ATK STR≥35; Soldier Grade≥3; soldier number≥400;
(2) Battlefield 2: 60 ≤LV<80; ATK STR≥60; Soldier Grade≥6; soldier number≥800;
(3) Battlefield 3: 80 ≤LV≤100; ATK STR≥80; Soldier Grade≥8; soldier number≥1,000;

5. How to judge the winner of a state war? 

(1) When a country takes the lead to get 10,000 points, this country is a winner.
(2) Upon 21:00, if no country gets 10,000 points, the one with a higher point is the winner.
(3) When a country takes a Pass, the country’s token will be shown in the city on the World Map.

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