Legends of Xian Level Up Fast Tips

Legends of Xian Level Up Fast Tips by xianhu

Here are some quick tips I found on leveling up fast
1. Right when you login into the server always check your quest receivables for any quest
you have not done and do it.

2. You get 3 tries at Jiayu Pass everyday. Even if you know you can’t get beat it. As soon as you
lose your rebirth, end it and then start over. This way you keep the full exp instead of only half.
Use scrolls like recovery scroll and some buffs if necessary to achieve maximum exp possible.

3. Drill ground: i suggest you always try to get the double exp scroll if you can. it makes a big difference.  Just remember to
come check to see that your hero is still training every once in a while. Also just incase it reaches the max is achieved training sessions (ex: 34/180, the 180 is the max sessions)

4. If you are a big gold buyer, i would suggest you to buy a lot of silver and max out your treasure for wood attempts per day.
It gives out exp scrolls for you and your heroes.

5. Try to get slaves as much as possible. you can torture them then come back and gain the exp for your heroes. It can be from little to a lot
depending on level of course.

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