Legends of Xian Jiayu Pass Guide

Legends of Xian Jiayu Pass Guide by xianhu

Here comes the History ….

Jiayu Pass is the first pass at the west end of the Great Wall of China, near the city of Jiayuguan in Gansu province. It is one of the main passes of the Great Wall.

The pass is t****zoid-shaped with a perimeter of 733 meters and an area of more than 33,500 square meters. The total length of the city wall is 733 meters and the height is 11 meters. There are two gates: one on the east side of the pass, and the other on the west side. On each gate there is a building. An inscription of “Jiayuguan” in Chinese is written on a tablet at the building at the west gate. The south and north sides of the pass are connected to the Great Wall.
Among the passes of the Great Wall, Jiayuguan is the most intact surviving ancient military building. The pass is also known by the name the “First and Greatest Pass Under Heaven”.

The pass was a key waypoint of the ancient Silk Road.Jiayuguan has a somewhat fearsome reputation because Chinese people who were banished were ordered to leave through Jiayuguan for the west, never to return. Around Jiayuguan there are many historic sites such as the Mogao Caves. Many frescos were found in the areas around Jiayuguan.

The Development Team of Legend of Xian is audacious to use Jiayu Pass, making it a funny part of the game! You can get Exp and Equipments challenging Jiayu Pass. Here is my personal experience, hope it helps.

When leveling up to 20, go to Kaifeng ,then Suzhou, and you can see Jiayu Pass.

Defend Array sets

LVL  Array sets
1  1Cavalryman  1Spearman
2  1Ranger     1Spearman
3  1Cavalryman  1Archer
4  1Spearman   1Archer
5  1Spearman   1Artillerist
6  1Cavalryman  1Artillerist
7  1Ranger     1Archer
8  1Ranger     1Artillerist
9  1Cavalryman  1Ranger
10  Random
11  2Spearman   1Archer
12  2Cavalryman  1Archer
13  2Ranger     1Archer
14  2Spearman    1Artillerist
15  2Cavalryman    1Artillerist
16  2Ranger    1Artillerist
17  1Spearman    2Archer
18  1Cavalryman    2Archer
19  1Ranger    2Archer
20  Random
21  2Spearman    2Archer
22  2Cavalryman    2Archer
23  2Ranger    2Archer
24  2Spearman    2Artillerist
25  2Cavalryman    2Artillerist
26  2Ranger    2Artillerist
27  1Spearman    3Archer
28  1Cavalryman    3Archer
29  1Ranger    3Archer
30  Random
31  2Spearman    3Archer
32  2Cavalryman    3Archer
33  2Ranger    3Archer
34  2Spearman    3Artillerist
35  2Cavalryman    3Artillerist
36  2Ranger    3Artillerist
37  1Spearman    4Archer
38  1Cavalryman    4Archer
39  1Ranger    4Archer
40  Random
41  2Spearman    4Archer
42  2Cavalryman    4Archer
43  2Ranger    4Archer
44  3Spearman    3Artillerist
45  3Cavalryman    3Artillerist
46  3Ranger    3Artillerist
47  3Spearman    3Archer
48  3Cavalryman    3Archer
49  3Ranger    3Archer
50  Random [Drop Valiancy or Lucky set ]
51  6Spearman
52  6Cavalryman
53  6Ranger
54  2Spearman    4Archer
55  2Spearman    4Artillerist
56  2Cavalryman    4Archer
57  2Cavalryman    4Artillerist
58  2Ranger    4Artillerist
59  2Ranger    4Artillerist
60  Random
61  6Spearman
62  6Cavalryman
63  6Ranger
64  2Spearman    4Archer
65  2Spearman    4Artillerist
66  2Cavalryman    4Archer
67  2Ranger    2Archer    2Artillerist
68  2Ranger    4Archer
69  2Ranger    4Artillerist
70  Random
71  6Spearman
72  6Cavalryman
73  6Ranger
74  2Spearman    4Archer
75  2Spearman    4Artillerist
76  2Cavalryman    4Archer
77  2Spearman    4Archer
78  2Cavalryman    2Archer    2Artillerist
79  2Ranger    2Archer    2Artillerist
80  Random
81  6Spearman
82  6Cavalryman
83  6Ranger
84  2Spearman    4Archer
85  2Spearman    4Artillerist
86  2Cavalryman    4Archer
87  2Cavalryman    4Artillerist
88  2Ranger    2Archer    2Artillerist
89  2Spearman    2Archer    2Artillerist
90  Random [Drop Tortoise set]
91  6Spearman
92  6Cavalryman
93  6Ranger
94  2Spearman    4Archer
95  2Spearman    4Artillerist
96  2Cavalryman    4Archer
97  2Ranger    2Archer    2Artillerist
98  2Spearman    2Archer    2Artillerist
99  2Ranger    4Artillerist
100  Random [Drop Phoenix set]
101  6Spearman
102  6Ranger
103  6Cavalryman
104  2Cavalryman    4Archer
105  2Cavalryman    4Artillerist
106  2Spearman    4Archer
107  2Spearman    4Artillerist
108  2Ranger    4Archer
109  2Ranger    4Artillerist
110   Random
111   6Spearman
112   6Cavalryman
113   6Ranger
114   4Archer    2Spearman
115   2Archer    2Ranger2Spearman
116   4Archer    2Cavalryman
117   4Artillerist    2Cavalryman
118   4Archer    2Ranger
119   4Artillerist    2Ranger
120   Random
121   6Spearman
122   6Cavalryman
123   6Ranger
124   4Archer    2Spearman
125   4Artillerist    2Spearman
126   4Archer    2Cavalryman
127   2Archer    2Ranger    2Spearman
128   4Archer    2Ranger
129   4Artillerist    2Ranger
130   Random
131   6Ranger
132   6Cavalryman
133   6Spearman
134   2Cavalryman    4Artillerist
135   2Spearman    4Artillerist
136   2Cavalryman    4Archer
137   2Spearman    4Archer
138   2Ranger    4Archer
139   2Ranger    4Artillerist
140   Random [Drop White Tiger set]
141   6Spearman
142   6Cavalryman
143   6Ranger
144   2Ranger    4Artillerist
145   2Spearman    4Artillerist
146   2Cavalryman    4Archer
147   2Cavalryman    2Archer    2Artillerist
148   2Ranger    4Archer
149   2Ranger    4Artillerist
150   Random [Drop Azure Dragon set]

Suggested Array Sets for players
Defend                            Player
6Spearman 6Cavalryman        6Artillerist
6Ranger                      3Ranger 3Archer
2Ranger  4 Archer            3Ranger3Archer/4Ranger2Archer,2Arche to be Tank
2Ranger  4Artillerist        3Artillerist3 Archer,
2Spearman 4Artillerist       6Archer,6V4,It can be easy.
2Spearman  2Ranger 2Archer   6Archer
2Cavalryman 2Artillerist 2Archer  6Archer
2Cavalryman 4Archer          1Spearman 2Archer3Artillerist/4Artillerist2 Archer.
2Cavalryman 4Artillerist     1Spearman3Archer2Artillerist/6Archer

Random.                 6Archer and you REALLY need luck!

(1)Attack sequence  :
Archer attack sequence  :1.Artillerist 2.Archer 3.Ranger 4.Cavalryman 5.Spearman
Artillerist attack sequence:1.Cavalryman 2.Spearman 3.Range 4.Archer 5.Artillerist
Cavalryman: attack first always win ,
Ranger: Counter Attack after being attacked and always win.

(2)The tables of the restraint for warriors:
Ranger:  good at restraining  cavalry, artillery
Archer:   good at restraining ranger, artillery
Cavalry: good at restraining archer, infantry
Infantry: good at restraining ranger, archer
Artillery: good at restraining infantry, cavalry

PS. Using All kinds of spell help a lot when you can not get to next floor.

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