Legends of Xian Hunting Rare Sets Guide

Legends of Xian Hunting Rare Sets Guide by xianhu

The best way to hunt rare sets for non-goldbuyers

There is no such thing is shortcut in life you need to work your way up to be successful. It is similar in hunting in rare equips you need to be patient, work hard and focus to get your sets.
As you can see when we saw high level player have complete sets of valiancy and lucky. We usually think they bought it with gold or someone gave it to them. Well I disagree; some of the high levels do not buy gold they got it from hard work.  so i make this post to those who don’t have sets and gold as well to make them stronger. There are three ways in getting rare sets.

1st: (To hunt 3 times a day in Jaiyu). How? You must
First, equip yourself with lots of copper tiger. It would take long but you will get your set just be patient. how to get copper tiger? the best way to gather copper tiger is to go silver treasure hunt. Always go to state war and kick some ass when you have harvest a lot of honor, turn it to silver then do silver treasure hunt. Every 150 silver you spent in treasure hunt the lowest copper tiger you will get is 4. When you have 1000 silver you will have 20+ copper tiger enough for 1 week hunt. If you have no way in winning in state war, and you are running out of silver, trade your items with copper tiger. If you got like 4 valiancy pieces sacrifice one piece to get many copper tiger (remember every copper tiger has chance in getting rare equips) so the amount of many copper tiger for your 1 valiancy piece is GOOD deal. there are other ways in getting copper tiger like arena and quest, but I prefer Treasure hunt (the best way)^_^

2nd: (Buy and Sell). It is totally unethical to buy stuff with low price and sell it with high price.  its like scamming. some would disagree this method but if two parties agreed with the deal then its ok. How? First you gotta now the price of every item. Example epic valiancy sword is about 35-40g while poor valiancy sword is 20-25g. When you sell the epic and buy a poor one you could save 15g, sell another one and you will have 30g… Use the gold to buy another piece and you will get 3 valiancy pieces instead of two. You can change anytime the quality just work hard .. >.> be wise in using money. There is another way for buy and sell but i would rather advice you not do it. But I will post it anyway. Get yourself some gold like 40-50g… wait for someone to sell cheep price of any item. Then sell it with average price. This really helps with your 50g you could save 100g to 200g. In server 2 the average valiancy set is 180g t(-.-t)

3rd: (gather gold) how? Totally easy but this method will test if your lazy and your patience. Some items are easy to get but requires time which is . for example is valor tabs, quality gems 6, and even coins.. They can be sold to gold. try to harvest this kind of items and sell them. Quality gems 6 i think is about 6g to 9g. If you have like 50 quality gem 6.. 9 x 50 = 450g.. WOW…t(-.-t) (I wish I have that kind of gold . how to harvest them I’ll tell you.

Valor tabs: you can get them in quest but I think in a 1 day you could harvest them 20+ valor tablets. (in server 2. 50*valor tablets cost 15 to 20g) gather  200 valor tablets and sell it with gold. Quality gem 6 or 7: This kind of method requires luck, lots of coins and furnace. First do valor quest then buy some mighty or knight equips. then if its UNPOOR take it. if its POOR destruct it. its useless. take the equips and furnace it.  Furnace will be easy because its 100% chance but very costly. you need lots of valor points, valor tablets, and some luck(in getting good equips). Make it your habit everyday and harvest until you get 50 pieces.. Sell it you will have big money

Formula for quality gem 6 = unpoor blue item lvl 40 x 2 valor tablets
Formula for quality gem 7 = unpoor blue item lvl 60 x 2 valor tablets
Coins: some would buy coins for gold but very rare. coins can be obtain very easily but for the lazy ones like me… sigh..(in server 2 1000000 coins cost 1 gold)
When you have finish selling such rich resources go buy some rare equips

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