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Legends of Xian Frequently Asked Questions by xianhu

Question: Where can I find Buddha’s Palm?
Answer: Ming Scouts – Lake Buir

Question: How do I get to Quanzhou? (Note: You will get a quest to go here before level 50)
Answer: Reach level 5o > Go to Kaifeng > World Map > Quanzhou is level 91 area in the South East.

Question: Where do I find Euclid’s Elements?
Answer: Ming Scouts – Lake Buir

Question: Where do I fight the musketeers?
Answer: Liaoluo Bay – Quanzhou

Question: Where do I find Xu Xiake?
Answer: Shahu Fort – Mobei

Question: Where do I find Book of Tactics?
Answer: Qi’s Camp – Taizhou

Question: When do I finish valor set?
Answer: You finish Valor set at level 56. Note: Valor set is bound, it can not be sold, so please do not ask other players to sell it to you.

Question: What do I do with Gracious Quest?
Answer: They Gracious Quest is for promoting the game. To be honest, there are no true rewards to it for your player, other than bringing people into the game. Copy the link to clipboard and paste it to a social site in an attempt to recruit players. That is how I completed it, but as said Reward = nothing for you unless your recruits buy Gold. If you want to be rid of this quest, then give it up, but remember, it will not disappear off receivable until you have players join on the quest.

Question: What do I get for promoting?
Answer: When you promote and someone uses your link to join, you are able to give them items for the first week. Any gold that your recruit SPENDS not buys, Spends, 45% of that gets converted into points for you. Once you reach 200 points, you may convert it into gold, multiples of 200 only. The items you give your recruit I do not remember exactly, but I do know it starts with an Exp Potion 2, and ends the week with a PT Archer Scroll.

If you can think of anything to add to this thread, by all means please do. I hope this assists in some way for the players that need help with these questions.

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