Legends of Xian Combining Equipments Guide

Legends of Xian Combining Equipments Guide by XianHu

The compound system is so fantastic that you can exchange excessive equipments for any other equipments of the same set you need. And the new equipment generated is unbound and tradeable! It’s such a  great system! Let’s see how the system works.

Take Breastplate as an example.
Target: an epic Phoenix Breastplate

Step 1: Click equipment B4 on the right of the interfaces with the left button,and then add it to the middle of the furnace (target equipment). Say, let’s add an interior Breastplate of Valiancy (the equipment added is unlimited but it must be blue.)

Step 2: add 3 peripheral equipments of Set A (target set). Let’s add 3 epic Phoenix spears (as long as they’re of the same set).


Step 3: Click the “Combine” button in the lower-right corner. Done! An epic Phoenix Breastplate has come into being!

This system helps players gather, trade, and recycle equipments. It’s so convenient! Tips for combining equipments:
(1) Equipment B4 decides your target equipment.
(2) Quality of the new equipment generated depends on 4 equipments added.
(3) Click “Combine”, 4 equipments will mix together, and you’ll get the target equipment.

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