Legends of Xian Boss System Guide

Legends of Xian Boss System Guide by XianHu

When will the BOSS appear?
1. After a new server is open to players, Bosses with different forces will show up successively. For instance, the 1-star BOSS will appear for the first time on the 10th day after a new server is open.

How to beat and capture the BOSS?
1. The forces of BOSS include “Total Forces” and “Engaged Forces”.
The Total Forces indicate all forces of the BOSS,which are large amounts. You can’t kill the BOSS until all its forces are cleaned up.
The Engaged Forces indicate forces of the BOSS in each battle with players.
2. The first player who attacks the BOSS first will be a vanguard and win a vanguard award.
3. The player that cleans up final forces of the BOSS (namely the player that kills the BOSS) will get a victory award.
4. From the appearance to the capture of the BOSS, players that attack the BOSS might gain positive chances to get awards. The more forces you clean up, the greater chances to get awards.
5. The Vanguard Award and Victory Award are kept in the Booty of Inventory while Anti-BOSS awards in Inventory directly
Anti-BOS S awards include: scheduled and random awards.
Scheduled awards: all items included there that winners will get definitely;
Random awards: one among all the items included there that winners will get randomly.

2. Collect booty here.

3. Forces of the BOSS

Locations of the BOSS:
1. The BOSS of different level might appear in different zones randomly;
The first BOSS might show up in cities at LV 11-26.
2. Locations of the BOSS: the Coin, Lumber, Stone or Iron sites on each map; when the BOSS appears on a specific site, the site will become a war zone and players that enter the zone will be in VS mode automatically.
Nifty equipments and lavish awards

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