Legends of Xian Art of War Guide

Legends of Xian Art of War Guide by XianHu

You are upset by the fact that some of the your heroes have perfect Stats but very low command? From now on ,you don’t have to worry about this, because you can always use this new item, Art of War Scroll to increase the Command Point of your heroes.
Well, first of all, there are 3 kinds of Are of War Scrolls,
i.e, Art of War Scrolls 1, Art of War Scrolls 2 and Art of War Scrolls 3.


These 4 scrolls are for heroes of different Command points.
Way to Get:
1   AOW 2.JPG

Merit Shop in the old shop, Kaifeng
2    AOW3.JPG

Outlet in the Arena
You might be wondering why there is only Scroll 1, where are the other 3? Well, you can not buy these 3 scrolls in our game, the ONLY way to get them is to fuse. 4 lower level scrolls plus 100,000 coins will get you a higher level one. For instance, if I want to get the Art of War Scroll 2, I will need 4 Art of War Scroll 1, and fuse them in the forge. The system will take me 100,000 coins for doing this, and after that, I will get ONE Art of War Scroll 2.
Way to Use: Way to use the scrolls is easy, go to the Novice Camp, find the NPC named Fortune Teller. Talk to him and pick the Elevate hero’s CP option. Then the box for doing this process will pop up.


In this box, it tells you what kind of scroll you need to increase the CP, the number of scrolls you need, the CP that you can increase to when you success, and also the success rate.

If you look carefully, you may see that there is also something saying that if you failed at this, the CP of your hero will drop to a certain number. Increasing the CP is also a lucky draw, and unlike increase the Growth Point, there is NO protection scrolls for Increasing CP. So, don’t do it when you are really having very bad luck, lol, j/k. Anyway, since command is one of the most important stats of a hero, it does need us to spend some time and effort on it.

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