Juggernaut Online Battlefield (Adrian Mines) Guide

Juggernaut Online Battlefield (Adrian Mines) Guide by Kouzi

Battlefield is a pvp event where you can increase heroism.This is where your skills will be tested.

The main goal is to score 250 points.There are three ways earning points.Mining,wining pvp,and killing guardian.

Mining: To do that you must go to enemy territory and kill miners,dont be afraid,they are lvl25 but their damages is -5+ and they have 130+ hp.Miners drop adrian nuggets,you can hand in those at your starting location.Remember if you get killed while carrying any nuggets,they will be lost. There are 3 enemy territories where you can mine, Inexhaustible mine (drops large nuggets 40pts), rich mine (regular nuggets 30 pts), spent mine (small nuggets 20 pts).

PvP: For killing an opponent from other team you will earn 20 points.

Killing guardian: You can find him at enemies outpost,by killing him you will earn 100pts,but i wouldnt recommend doing that, because he is very though and you will definitely be attacked by other team members while dealing with the guard,i think its better to deal with him at higher levels.

IMPORTANT : there are lvl groups in battlefield, as example 8-9, 9-11, 10-12 if you get in a group like 8-9 and you are lvl 8,you can get a buff which will give you advantage,do that go to second location,wait till you can transfer to another location and only then press on chalice icon,you can find it on your right(where location and npc names are written).

I hope seeing new faces in BF soon!

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