Heroes of Gaia General Guide

Heroes of Gaia General Guide by souldevourer

For Players +500k Fame who still might be lost

AP = Action Points
EXP = Experience
#k = X thousand, X being the number.
HoG = Of course, our game – Heroes of Gaia

I am writing up a casual and short read for players who have read all the newbie guides or still might be lost.  After a long time playing this game, I have some insight to help maximize the game for players.  I will start by helping players with early leveling techniques, item appraisal, 55-70 leveling techniques, and finally make a short note about hero hiring and make a short closing.  I hope you enjoy!

First off, the easiest way to level your Beginner Heroes is to be in a decent guild and using Guild Buildings.  Leveling your heroes up to their mid 30’s is the fastest way to level any hero without spending points in the game for the EXP card (and still might be faster than that.)  After level 30, the AP/EXP benefit between that, and hunting monsters becomes nearly equal, and near level 40, you lose benefiting from guild buildings for leveling as opposed to map leveling.
*NOTE*:  Doing this, you will need to be in a guild with any one fully completed guild building (level 10.)

Now I am telling you that first, because I know you’re not going to burn all of your AP when you log on every day.  This is a great way to use up your AP, at the cost of about 8k gold/100 AP, when you are logging off, or if you log on to just check your taverns and start some units or spells before having to log off again.  There is no rollover AP in HoG, so use the AP when it’s at max before you lose it when you can’t play – so you don’t have to use your AP.

See, isn’t that nice?  It’s not just a crappy guide – it has wisdom, also.  My flaw is that I’m not going into many details.

There are a lot of things in this game that are really going to piss you off at times.  Gear, for some players, does not get good until late in the game.  I have heard many players say their gear has gotten better after a certain point in fame.  Most players have said around 3-5 million fame.  Also, a lot of good gear has come from lucky boxes early in the game.  Players will need to be patient if they ever want to expect good gear, and learn to appraise their own gear.  This is where I come in.

If you’re looking at a certain piece of equipment, think also if it would be good on a different piece of equipment.  If you’re not seeing any stats that you have on your current sets of equipment, there may be a rare stat item that could be great on certain setups of Heroes.  Reduce Damage, melee def, and chance to take half damage to melee are great to hold on to for defense heroes.  Chance to attack twice, + Melee Atk, + Melee Damage, chance to do double damage are all good to keep for any set of hero.  Keeping gear with +ATK, DEF, SPD, even INT are almost always worth keeping, if they are in good quantities and mixed with other stats.

When it comes to specific unit type stats, remember there are more unit types than heroes you can make.  Only keep the ones with the best stats, multiple stats for one type, or ones on quality items.  This isn’t Pokemon!  You don’t gotta catch them all, but a few “special” heroes are always nice to have.  There are some great setups for “special” heroes.  If you check the wiki: http://heroesofgaia.wikia.com/wiki/Heroes_of_Gaia_Wiki
Under “Units” you can see a great spreadsheet, which can tell you if the unit is worth making a bunch of.   If you don’t see the unit as the strongest of it’s tier, it generally is not worth making 6 million units worth of them until you have enough of that gear for the extra stats to be effective.

Use the Wiki often, and add to it, if you can!  It is because of all of us players that this Wiki exists!

You are going to get a lot of Equip2’s in this game, and will be selling most of them.  Unless it has green or purple stats, do not keep it.  It is a waste of inventory space.  There is an exception with the Christmas Quest from 2009, where the gear could be used on any hero.  When deciding which is better from green or purple items, more stats is not always better!  Check your items and try to equip them to maximize the stats.  Your scrolling will be more effective the better you use these stats!

If you are going to buy points on anything in this game, the absolute best one will be the backpack extension.  It gives you permanent 2x storage in your inventory.  Think about it, even if you don’t buy points, if they have a good shop promotion.  Even at regular price, though, it’s well worth the cost.

Before you ditch that item, really look at it.  Is there Melee SPD?  Unit Allocation?  Attack?   Try to save these things if there is a pair of these, at least.  Melee/Ranged attack twice is also a good thing to keep.   When you have items like  +10 Allocation and +3 Melee SPD, you can still use this on your mid-level heroes when leveling.  It will never be a great item, so put it on a level 55 Speed gear with a dwarven coin, which you should be getting during your dailies each day.  Add a few levels of forges to this item (3 forges to each stat is a decent place to stop), and you will have an item to put on any of your heroes when they get to Level 55.   Level 8-9 Monsters can be easy for these heroes with a general setup of 200-250×4 t8’s and however many x3 you can get for t10’s.   You will take few losses, even AFK, depending on your attack and/or unit allocation.

When leveling on the map, make sure your hero has a version of Prodigious Learner on it, preferably level 10!

Level your heroes!  You will have much better luck farming a few things out of multiple castles than everything from just one.  The more level 100’s you have isn’t always the best thing for younger players, either.  Getting heroes to at least level 70 is the best start after you get a couple level 100’s.  You will feel much better about ditching a level 70 hero later in the game when you see a great hero in your tavern than if you were to ditch a 100.  Also, you will have more storage space for your items when you get a bunch of level 70 heroes, which is why I believe getting a bunch of heroes to level 70 when you’re starting out is the best way to go.  If your hero is not AT LEAST a 150 base combat hero, it is not worth the time to level this hero past 70.

I just wanted to make a short tip to players, as there are better hero guides out there.  A lot of heroes you will want to hire are crap.  Hiring heroes can be a pain.  When you see a hero with 60 or above defense and attack, regardless of speed, this can be a great defense hero, and you should think about hiring this hero.  If you want an attack hero, you will also want some speed on this hero.  I don’t want to go into major details, but general rules:
A hero with +120 Atk/Spd, or +Atk/Def, HIRE!
A hero with +160 Atk/Def/Spd – Hire!  Pure Castellans/Scrollers:  Hire 60+ INT’s, Spd can also be nice for scrollers!

I will not get into what to do with point allocation in this guide.  If you want a tip, check out what the 184 heroes are set up as.  They all started at 50 ATK 50 DEF 50 SPD, 50 INT, with one of the stats being +84, instead of 50.  It is a good thing to study if you are having troubles in the game.

At this point in the game, if you are just starting out, some of the players have been around well over a year, depending on your server.  If you have some patience, you can easily grow into a great player on your server.  We will need you to take over for players that may be retiring from HoG!

If you have any questions about this guide or would like additional help, please feel free to email me directly on Atlantis server, name SoulDevourer.  Also, any other player can email me at cagainstsp@aol.com.  If you wanna complain about this guide, please STFU  =D


Additional Info by IrishElf

One thing SD, any % chance to start something is valued somewhat less than a solid stat depending on build, e.g 5 atk 2 allo > 3 act twice, 4 half dmg and 5 dbl dmg as they are just a chance and can very well disappear when you need them most – However, they make an amazing splash in on certain pieces of gear. So don’t sacrifice solid stats on a pvp hero for chance without carefully considering things, if gear has them as a bonus then awesome, otherwise it isn’t always worth it to sacrifice say 5atk/2meleespd/3 allo for 5 acttwice/4 half dmg/4 dbl dmg.
Also, to go in depth on hero buffs for specific types.

The Defense hero, A.K.A The tanks of gaia.

Most important buffs for a defense hero:

  • +10 Defense Always nice to half, reducing dmg by .5% a level
  • allocation big boost for striking power and survivability (You WILL be sacrificing first strike with a def hero)
  • Specific unit HP (Melee is wonky so value +10% AA hp higher than 10% melee) I believe the HP – unit def % conversion works out to be like 3 Hp is more or less even to 9-ish unit def
  • +melee/specific unit defense %, good boost in terms of blocking damage but not the kind that’ll stop MASSIVE amounts of damage from a 500+ attack monster.
  • +10 attack, why attack when it’s a defense hero you ask? Well, you’re sacrificing first strike for def and allocation which means you will have to strike back effectively, +10 attack will allow you to do this more effectively.
  • +melee atk or unit atk %, say you find an item with 7% (T10 here) atk 5% melee atk and 10 def? Well, you’ll have pretty much gained a fixture in that item slot unless you get alloc involved in a mix somehow .
  • Reduce damage taken by melee %, count each % as 2 def basically, a very nice boost if you can get it as a splash on a few items.
  • Melee hp %, it’s debatable if that buff works at all, if it does then it’d be right up there with Specific unit Hp, until it’s decided value it lowly.
  • Unit double strike / damage / half damage etc, these make a great addon for any hero if you don’t sacrifice anything too solid but, giving up say 7 allo or 8+ def wouldn’t be worth the chance in my opinion.
  • Speed buffs, a defense hero needs not speed as you (Should have) sacrificed all chance of first strike in your build, that doesn’t mean an item with 10 def, 7 allo is more valuable than 9 def, 6 allo and 5% melee spd though, it can be used to make instances solo easier for the def hero, or just part of having a more flexable set of gear.

Remember, a def hero should have a minimum 240/400/—-/140+ (To lessen scrolling damage) with 6+ million alloc to be effective in high level pvp. A defense hero is also the only one that ensures you WILL take some losses against, so great for wars of attrition where both sides have plenty of unit force total. Decent in any situation. Best races for def hero: Human, undead, orc. Overall this hero’s the easiest to build.

Attack heroes:

A.k.A The glass cannon

buff list:

  • 10 hero attack +1% damage per point, very nice to have. Goes best with alloc
  • Allocation, any item with 10 attack and 5 allocation (or more) has the grounds to be great, just depends on items you add to go with it.
  • +melee spd, it is generally important to have minimum 20 melee spd total without including racials (if you’re elf) but, it can be harmful if you sacrifice attack/alloc for any melee spd on an item that is less than 4 (max is 5)
  • +melee or unit attack %, decent boost to damage output, amazing when splashed in as a bonus with alloc melee spd or hero attack
  • +.2-.3 t10 spd, this buff’ll equal 10-15 hero spd and is thus rather important to have but- melee spd is much better once you hit 4 or 5 melee spd.
  • +10 hero defense. Yes, why do you need defense on an attack hero? Simple, if you come against another attack hero first strike determines it, you face a defense hero then the difference between his attack and your defense will determine it.
  • +act twice % or double damage%, you will WANT this as an addon to your items as a double strike or damage with a glass cannon attack hero will DEVASTATE your opponent
  • +melee hp half dmg unit hp and melee def, not worth using unless as a splash on an already great item.

The attack hero tends to cause massive destruction vs fellow glass cannons and dominates hybrid heroes (Coming up next) but gets beaten usually vs defense heroes. Difficult to gather right gear but fairly simple build, most effective as a 450+/250/150+/120 with 25+ melee spd (counting elf racial) and 6+M alloc best races: elf, human.

Hybrid hero:

A.k.A The work horse:

  • +hero attack/defense both are evenly important here as your goal is to maintain as close to an even attack/defense total with as much alloc as possible.
  • Allocation. Yes, as will all others this is the second most important attribute a hero can have.
  • Melee/unit % attack or specific unit Hp, in combo they can create some especially devastating effects.
  • melee defense/spd buffs (use atk hero melee > unit > hero formula here as well) as you want first strike vs def heroes but want to survive attack heroes as best as you can.
  • Act twice/double damage/half damage, very important as occasionally they will decide the battle for this build

Over all, this build tends to as previously mention do poorly against attack heroes unless geared perfectly and tends to do better vs def heroes. The most difficult and complex type of hero there is in gaia, not suggested for beginners. but more flexable than a defense hero and less glaring first strike weakness than an attack. Suggested stats: 350/350/160+ with as much allo and hidden stats (non hero) as possible for high level pvp.

Note: With elf>undead>human>orc>elf racials which with a lvl 10 guild opp would kill an unbelievable 36% melee spd for your attack hero or give the opp 36% atk and def (or is def subtracted for you) No build is perfect- However humans in all builds, orc/undead def/hybrids and elf attack/hybrids tend to be most important, so remember atk>hybrid>def>atk and elf>undead>human>orc>elf and you can build a hero to a special roll. However, there are three hero types I have yet to cover…

Speed heroes.

A.k.A the instancers.

these are simple, find as much +hero spd gear as you can, graft it to the speed equips from bazarr (max +spd is 8) and forge a little slap the gear on your hero and voila! instantly you become everyone’s favourite instance buddy. as even an defense hero with 40-50 hero spd base can reach 220+ with ease. Melee spd and unit spd do not benefit the group so, they are for once valued much less than hero speed.

Scroll bombers, A.k.A Gaia’s most popular hero, the recipe couldn’t be simpler here.

Take 1 60+ base at level one int hero, level it to 70

Gather as much +8 int gear as you can and graft a set then proceed to forge int to 5+ and speed (useful for catching other heroes and moving quickly) to 3-5,

Throw pvp gear on hero and proceed to arena it until around colonel for second equip int boosts as well as scroll damage boost, all the while gathering scrolls (preferrably all of one type of 5200 dmg, summons are good vs other scrollers)

Once your gear and hero is ready and outfitted with scrolls you’ll need to provide said hero with some fodder but what shall you use, should you send some scouts to their deaths or throw some t10 on and hope to offset cost? Well, the answer is up to you but know this, 1200+ scouts can be recruited in 12 hours, 7*50 scouts will allow you to do over 100 t10 of damage to the opp should you have 400+ int. (400+ int bombers hurt 1 stack heroes and 7 stack heroes like HELL)

Now, just send hero at nearest gathering of pvp heroes and watch the carnage. Another trick is to name your best pvp hero and bomber the same thing and send one through a portal X number of times (preferably bomber first) then send the other, your opp will have no clue what’s coming through.

Finally comes the last hero type, the castellan. Again should have 60+ int (So bombers and cast’s are interchangeable) And should have a gear set with as much resource buffs both solid and % as possible with gold buffs at a minimum as 11* items give you all the gold you’ll ever need. However, keeping 250+ int on cast is advisable incase someone attacks and you do not have time to switch to bomber gear should you opt for the work horse int hero route.


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