Heroes of Gaia Forging and Grafting Guide

Heroes of Gaia Forging and Grafting Guide by kohansey

For everyone out there that has been confused by the idea of grafting and forging your equipment, and you are too lazy to read HoG’s guide, here is a layman’s guide to Grafting and Forging.

First off you will need one of these:
Dwarven Coin
This item can be obtained by visiting the Monastery (Daily Quest) or purchased in the shop for 25 points.

Secondly you need the two items you want to graft in your inventory.  If they are not in your inventory, you can’t select them.  Unlike the guide by HoG, a you do not need to graft onto an item from the bazaar, you can graft onto any time.  Now depending on the castle you’re current in, you will need to go to a specific building.

Human – Forge
Elf – Nature’s Tower
Orc – Forge
Undead – Tower of Souls

When you click on one of the above buildings, you will see a new button labeled Graft.
When you select the Graft button you will see a new window with two places to Select Equipment

Graft Item
New Equipment

Grafting takes the Buffs of the Graft Item and moves them to the New Equipment.  Order is very important, think of it like this:

Graft Item => New Equipment

When you have chosen your two items, click Graft.  You will be presented with a preview of the New Equipment containing the Buffs of the Graft Item.  When you confirm the graft you must use the Dwarven Coin mentioned earlier.  When the graft is a success, the Graft Item will be lost forever and the New Equipment will now contain ONLY the Buffs from the Graft Item.

NOTE:  If you attempt to graft a forged item, ONLY Graft Item will carry the forged stats over.  If New Equipment is forged, you will LOSE the forged stats.  Also, grafting the forged item onto the New Equipment will cost more that just 1 Dwarven Coin.  Depending on the level of forging, the graft process could cost upto, if not more then, 10 Dwarven coins.  So remember, always graft before forging.


Forge is done in the same building as grafting.  If you don’t know what grafting is, then you didn’t read the above guide and I should quit typing right now.  First off, you must have the item you want to forge in your inventory.  If it isn’t in your inventory you can’t select it.  Secondly, the item MUST be a new item.  There are new items besides the level 70 items.  If you recognize an item from before Rise of Guilds expansion, then you will not be able to forge it.

In order to forge you will need special items.  The specific item will depend on the stat you want to forge:

Attack – Demsteel
Defense – Dragonscale
Speed – Felfeather
Intelligence – Arcancore

The items demsteel, dragonscale, felfeather, and arcancore can be obtained a couple of ways, from a Forge Package or a Hephaesus’ Package.
Forge Packages can be found a number of ways:

Babel Tower
Guild Instance
Map Monsters level 6 and Up
Map Items levels 6 and Up

Hephaesus’ Packages can also be obtained a few ways:

Daily Quests for Ranking
Purchased from shop

NOTE:  Hepheasus’s package randomly give you a Magic Anvil or Sacred Charm.  This is the ONLY way to obtain Magic Anvils or Sacred Charms.  I will talk about these items later when we get to actually forging.

Now that your have your forge items and the new item you want to forge, let us move onto actually forging the item.  Goto your race specific building that allows you to forge and click the Forge button.  Select the item from your inventory that you want to forge.  You will see the fours stats of the items ATK, DEF, SPD, and INT with a forge button next to each, also each stat will have a +value next to it.  Depending on the base value of the equipment will depend on how much the stat will increase with each successful forge.

Base Value:
0 – 19 = +1
20 – 39 = +2
40 – 59 = +3
60 – 79 = +4

Now press the Forge button next to the stat you want to forge.
A new window will appear, this window will tell you a few things, first is identifies the number of items a specific stat has been forge, with 0 being never forged.  Secondly it will tell you how much of a specific material you will need to forge that stat.  For instance, the first time forging the ATK stat will cost Demsteel * 1.  Each time you successfully forge a stat, it will require 1 more of that material then the previous time.  For example, ATK forged once will cost 1 demsteel, the second time will cost 2 demsteel, the third time will cost 3 demsteel, and so on.  You can forge a specific stat upto 10 times, if your lucky enough to get there.

Now to actually perform the forge you must choose between Optimized forge or Normal Forge.  Normal forge will just use the required material and attempt the forge.  Optimized forge will allow you to choose to use those special items I talked about earlier, Magic Anvil and Sacred Charm.

I think now is a good time to mention that there is a success rate with each forge.  The higher the forged stat, the lower the success rate.  Everytime a forge is successful the stat will increase to the next forge level.  Everytime a forge fails, it will drop a forge level.  From experience, it is possible to get through 3 – 4 forge with no failure, but as soon as you attempted that 5th forge, your success rate is less than 50%.  The sixth time is lucky, the seventh is extremely lucky, and the 8th time is almost impossible.  That is why you would want to use the Optimized forge, the Magic Anvil adds 25% to your chances of success, and the Sacred Charm will prevent the stat from dropping a level if the forge fails.  From experience, the Sacred Charm is the best item to use for higher level forging, even with the magic anvil forging is still a thing of chance, and if your luck is as good as mine, you will most likely fail with anything above a level 4 forge.  The sacred charm to save your ass when you get a failure so use it wisely, and often.

After you have made your decision with optimized forge or normal forge, the dice will roll and your forge will be successful or failure.  In either case the required materials are removed from your inventory.  If you succeed, the stat will have increased, and pray to the gods that it succeeds.  If it fails you will probably burn through a few more forges just to get back to the level you were at before the failure.

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