Heroes of Gaia Arena and PvP Beginner’s Guide

Heroes of Gaia Arena and PvP Beginner’s Guide by Vozki

Go Human.
Put all points in Defense.
Put all arch angels in 1 stack in the back corner. Peeps will hit you and you will lose 20 or 30 AA. You will then smack them for 200+ troop loss. Game set match.

Go Elf
2 Choices A few points in Speed the rest in Attack. You get first hit always and will do great damage unless you run into a human defense hero, which you will. Choice 2 Go Defense like the human. Works about the same but not as good as a human.

Go Undead.
Your screwed. Get a human castle. But when you get slaughtered you got a special skill that will give you 25% of your troops back so you can go lose them again.

Go Orc.
Your screwed. Get a Human castle.

Players have very small glimmer of hope that maybe after MoW gets up and running Snail will do something about the gross imbalance of the 4 races…. But it’s only a very small dimming glimmer of hope. I figure by the time they get around to it there won’t be any Ghost dragons or Behemoths to worry about. Most of the Orc and Undead will have secondary humans castle and full AA troops. If you look at the Tier10 stat and racial skills you would think that was the plan in the first place.

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