Heat Online CTF and Team CTF Guide

Heat Online CTF and Team CTF Guide by Ricky Bobby

Basically this is how to be a decent player at ctf/tctf…to there is a huge difference between ctf and team ctf first the cars of choice…..for ctf you need a fast accel awd or rwd car.fwd can work but lets be real awd pwns at ctf.

ok biggest rule for ctf and team ctf is WATCH YOUR MINI MAP…i actually look at the mini map more then i do the screen you have to try to either a:predict where the flag carrier is gonna go or B: try to juke(fake out) the other players so you can keep the flag longer and get trough gates.now its not all about juking you have to go through the gates to win.15 min ctf will pay out very well win or lose so its always fun to play.

Now team ctf is a little bit different this requires team work.ok you start and race to the flag be careful of your teammates.now when your team mate gets the flag you need to find the fastest car on the opponents team and make sure to block him or spin him out so your flag carrier can get a head start on him.sometime its good to be ahead of the flag carrier because if he gets in a jam he can pass it to you(passing meaning flag carrier slams into a teammate to “pass the baton”)passing is a huge part of tctf and i dont see it enough in the game come guys pick up the slack.so dont be greedy and try to take the flag everytime.now with any team mode its pays out a little better then reg ctf.the random juking doesn’t really work as well on team ctf because you have up to 4 people at different ranges behind you some someone is gonna get you quickly so focus more on hauling arse and passing or blocking.and i really cant give you to much advice how to get the flag the flag from another team because it varies depend on who your opponents are

ok i hoped this helped a bit ill update it as time goes on

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