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Guardians of Graxia Frequently Asked Questions by Berek-PG


Q: “At first glance this looks way too board/card game geekish to me… what other aspects of the game would interest me?”

We have floating islands in a high-fantasy magical environment with walking trees, goblins, orcs, skeletons, dragons, and all sorts of other creatures for your armies, just for starters!

While we wouldn’t say the game is over the top in board/card game aspects, that certainly is one of the main components. We’ve carefully built gameplay to be easy to follow and enjoyable for just about anyone who loves fantasy-strategy games. Give it a try, just know that Draknal in the main campaign will put up a bit of a fight!

Q: “The download service I use doesn’t have the game! When will it be offered, or can I just go to the local store to pick it up?”

We’re continuing to work with a multitude of distributors, though this takes time. Currently the game is available on Steam, GamersGate and Impulse. If there’s a service we are not on yet, let us know about them! The game is not available in box format at this time.

Q: “The game looks intriguing, though I’m not sure I will like it, so I want to try it out first. Will there be a demo?”

At the moment there is no demo, but we’re hoping to release one yet. With a little holiday luck, we’ll have one included in the expansion, due to be released in January. Check out our YouTube videos for developer and community previews though!

Q: “Will there be future content updates?”

Yep! We’re concentrating on tweaking the current core game and map pack with a patch going out in the next week or so. After the holidays we’ll be introducing a full expansion with Dwarf and Elf Guardians!

Q: “This game screams ‘Multiplayer’, yet there is no support for it. Are you going to include it in the upcoming expansion?”

While we cannot guarantee multiplayer support in the upcoming expansion, we’re continuing to look at the possibility for future content updates.

Q: “Where can I learn more about the Graxia world and the lore behind the game?”

There’s been a lot of lore developed since the game’s inception. Check out some of the overviews of the Guardians and other creatures of the game here.


Q: “What are the basic gameplay components?”

Guardians of Graxia is a turn-based strategy game in which you take turns with the AI to advance. Each turn allows you to move your units on a board setting that is in a hexagonal configuration, moving from tile to tile toward the enemy (or back if you happen to be retreating…). Usually one unit can move per tile (though there are exceptions) per turn.

Cards are placed on tiles that activate their inherent units, as well as spell cards that give those units special abilities both while moving and during combat. Turns are also taken during combat to see which unit in a 1 vs. 1 situation will win. Having more units on the board and advancing toward the enemy home tiles are your key objectives in most maps.

Q: “What’s the main objective of the game, besides defeating the campaign of course?”

There’s quite a bit of variety on what and how you can accomplish both the campaign and individual skirmish scenarios. Hidden items, a wide range of map sizes and types, and limitations on units and spells in a given map all will make for an interesting gameplay session each time.

Defeating Draknal in the main campaign would be the most significant objective, but certainly crushing the units in any given map, conquering the achievements if you own the Steam version of the game, and finding all the hidden items and unique ways to achieve map victories, should keep you busy for at least a few days… :)

Q: “It looks like I can select four Guardians to lead my armies. Will there be any more added in later expansions? I’m running out of interesting battle situations…”

We’re going to be introducing two new Guardians in the next expansion, Flist the Elven Female Guardian, and Broxin the Dwarven Guardian.

Q: “More Guardians are great and all, but we need more units under their command!”

There’s a great selection of additional units that the Guardians will be able to order around as well, no worries there! :)

Q: “What are portals for, and how do I use them?”

Portals are just like any other type of instant portal transportation you’d except to find in a fantasy style game… step into the portal’s vortex on one end and pop out at the other from some other portal.

Place a unit onto the portal tile and then select the tile with your mouse cursor. A portal card will show up in your card inventory area. Select that and then another portal on the map to teleport to. Portals are essential for exploring a multi-island maps!

Take caution when using portals, as your unit will take a bit of damage during the teleportation process!

Q: “Dragons are really taking my units down hard in the game. What strategies can I use to defeat some of the tougher opponents?”

One key to winning a tough battle is to use your unit’s abilities to their full potential! Also, don’t be afraid to take control of tiles right away. More territory gains you more mana, which in turn allows you to purchase more units, critical in the later game where units can provide support for units you use to attack with.


Q: “English isn’t my native language. Does the game offer support for other languages?”

The game is based on English, though the community has begun developing their own FAQs and Manuals in other languages. When we see those posted, we’ll be sure to share them with you on our sites. If you create one of your own, let us know about it!

Q: “I use a Mac, Linux, Tablet PC, iPhone, Xbox 360, PS3, and just about anything other than a regular PC. Can I play the game?”

Currently Guardians of Graxia is for the PC only, via digital download, though we’ll keep future platforms in mind. Right now the upcoming expansion is set for a release on the PC only.

Q: “I’m a bit confused on how to play this game, is there more detailed manual besides this FAQ?”

We put together a basic manual that goes offa the Help menu and tutorial found within the game. Grab it here!

Q: “While I have a decent gaming system, Guardians of Graxia runs a bit slow at times. Where can I go to seek help in finding a resolution?”

Feel free to ask your question in the Graxia forums, always a great place to start for help in system or gameplay inquiries.

Q: “Where do I go to submit gameplay issues?”

Please use the ‘Currently Known Issues’ thread: http://www.petroglyp…y-known-issues/

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