Guardians of Graxia Events List

Guardians of Graxia Events List by Liova

So I’m wondering, if people would be up to creating a list of all known events, for those who feels like the turn limit is too strict for exploration

I’ll start, feel free to add the ones I’m missing =)

Scenario 1:

  1. Found a dragon egg and (the tile where dragon spawns):
    • gave it to Volos: the dragon hatches and helps you later in Scenario 5
    • kept it for yourself: the dragon dies (?)
  2. Found an unusual pendant at secret camp in woods (at the right side in the woods): the pendant is mentioned in Scenario 5 dialogue when you decide not to burn the temple. Possibly just used to enhance the story.

Scenario 2:

  1. Acquired a sword and (kill all giants):
    • kept it for yourself: Your guardian gets a +4 battle value bonus
    • gave it to the group that slayed the giants: If you give up the sword, you get Blood Judges (Fancy Blood Crusaders) in Mission 5. You get them as cards in 6th mission regardless of the choice.
  2. Cloaked figures causing trouble in your lands (town at the right):
    • the figures are mentioned in Scenario 5 dialogue. Possibly just used to enhance the story.

Scenario 3:

  1. Kill Reliz: makes all the boneshadow units on the south side of the map die instantly. Those units will also stop spawning there.
  2. The dragon has hatched (just a message)
  3. Has to do with smaller towns on the map, either:
    • Defend them as well during the attack: Possibly prevents the rebellion in Scenario 5, unclear, might be a combination of multiple events. Gives you extra mana in Scenario 6 (from 12 to 25 per turn)
    • Allow the enemy to take over the small towns: Volos leaves to deal with the rebellion at home in Scenario 5 (so you get less support I presume.)

Scenario 4:

  1. Rescue a Timberling seedling bed (go to the right part of the map, with woods and a portal): Timberlings assist you in Scenario 5, opportunity to rescue Grimbark in Scenario 5
  2. Kill the Great Angulooke (just kill the dragon): (?)
  3. Find the magic orb, Spirikus (in a castle to the left): you get support of some skeleton warriors in Scenario 5
  4. In the castle up top, either
    • Stop the mages casting spell: if you don’t do this, 2-3 of your units (not Draknal) chosen at random will die instantly sometime around turn 3 in Scenario 5.
    • Stop sarcophagus: you get a piece of metal, which makes it so when you capture the castle on the right near the starting area in scenario 5, a land bridge will form between the south and the north.

Scenario 5 (events are mostly results of previous actions):

  1. Orb of Spirikus (from Scenario 4) makes some of the undead switch to your side
  2. Sapling warriors you rescued in scenario 4 come to your aid
  3. Prisma joins you (if dragon egg was given to Volos in Scenario 1)
  4. Blood Judges join you in battle (if you give up the sword)
  5. Volos leaves to prevent rebellion (if you didn’t save the villages in Scenario 3)
  6. (?)
  7. Capturing the castle on the right near the start: forms a land bridge if you got the Viel from the sarcophagus
  8. Capturing the castle on the left near the start: some portals appear in the northwest part of the map
  9. Village in the forest in the southeast reveals destroyed timberling home (maybe a prerequisite for getting grimbark)
  10. Did not destroy celethreal temple in city on left: you get evidence that Oshnuk is being manipulated allowing you to end the war and go to scenario 6
  11. Do not swear to the goblins to destroy the Celethreal temple: angers the goblins (so they attack you).
  12. Stopped scribes in city on right: a bunch of tiles around the city will become impassable and kill the units in them. (you also need to do this for more evidence to go to scenario 6)
  13. Orc shaman plague: if you didn’t stop the casters in scenario 4, 2-3 units will randomly die sometime around turn 3
  14. Grimbark joins your army: when you kill all of the units that spawn in the forest in the southeast (might also have to inspect the village there)
  15. You join forces with Oshnuk: go to scenario 6. If you did 10 and 12, this happens when you set foot on the broken ground in the north.

Scenario 6:

  1. The Mayors of your smaller principalities display their loyalty to your cause: mana gain per turn goes up from 12 to 25 (if you defend the villages at Scenario 3)

Note: As of the time of this edit, there’s no way to get a guardian victory in Scenario 6

Special thanks: vincentspai, madmarten, Jaunt

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