Guardians of Graxia Campaign Events

Guardians of Graxia Campaign Events by Sharpe67

Intro: rescue Volos (easy, since its required to win the mission)

Mission 1: 1)Find a Dragon Egg (westernmost mountain on the map; 2)Find unusual pendant (one of the forest tiles in eastern section of map)

Mission 2: 1)Cloaked Figures stirring up trouble (village in the SE of map); 2)Still Unknown to me: I did get a popup box about a sword after I killed all the giants but choose to give the sword away. I may replay this and try keeping the sword. That may be event 2.

Mission 3: 1)Fail to protect the villages: get an angry message from the mayors (this is a negative event) – not sure if saving the villages changes this;2)Unknown; 3)Unknown

Mission 4: 1)Rescue Timberlings (lake tile on the island to the far SE of map; this will also trigger about 5 goblin enemy spawns); 2)Kill Angulooke the Dragon (tough but doable if you have a Dragon Barrier spell on hand); 3)Find the Viel of Ishmak (capture the northern Orc fort and choose to stop the coffin); 4)Unknown

Mission 5: I believe each event in this mission depends on finding the events and making the right choices in the earlier missions, but I could be wrong.

Please add any spoilers you guys have found.

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