Global Warfare Using a General to lead an Attack Guide

Global Warfare Using a General to lead an Attack Guide by Hiztaar

Hi guys. This Guide is made for beginners. French version is available here Carpe Diem Alliance Forum FR

Here we’ll see how to use a General for its main purpose : Attacking !

First, you shall know that you General won’t disappear if you lose a battle while attacking or defending.

Now let’s see how it works

A General has four datas :
– His level
– His experience
– His role
– His energy

1. In the Generals Quarters
The first role of your Generals is to lead your armies into the battle, to protect wild areas, to reinforce your cities or your allies cities or to transport resources.

On the screan you can see four Generals. One of them has been granted a rĂ´le, he is INTENDANT. A General with such a role
CAN’T be used to lead your armies ! Prince Ken is a free General and his energy bar is full. A General with no energy unit can’t be used before tomorrow. Your General level determine your chances to win a battle. The higher the level, the higher your chances to win with few casualties.

2. The world map
Coming back to the world map you just need to find a level 1 hostile camp.

If you click on the camp, a window frame appears. Now we can chose to attack, transport, reassign… Just stay on the attack menu. You must now decide which troops and which General will engage the battle.

Right now there are no assigned troops nor General. Just add 500 infantry troops and chose Prince Ken as the leading General. You can notice that Generals with no energy appears anyway but can’t be selected. When the General is selected, his frame is highlighted.

Depending on the troops you’ve chosen, the travel time will differs. The slower unit will determine the time of the travel.

Now just click the orange button here called “Marche” in french and your army will start the attack. Well done !

(if anyone can take screenshots in english/US version, I would be happy to change my friend screens using these ones )

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