GetAmped2 Using Artemis Bow in Missions Guide

GetAmped2 Using Artemis Bow in Missions Guide by AKutare79

I just started learning now to use Artemis Bow to it’s full potential, so I thought I would make a simple guide to share my knowledge to any aspiring archers.

How We Attack

The best way to attack is to hold S to lock on, and press C (I may be wrong, I’ll correct if it is) to attack. You’ll be able to hit your enemies much more reliably than simply pressing X. Also, if you press C quickly before your character lifts the bow, you’ll automatically do your special, and since you locked onto your target, the stars will hit your enemy much easier.

Our primary job is to take out the big enemies with counter, as well as the enemies that have ranged weapons. Ranged enemies are squishy, but annoying to melees, so they are the ideal targets. Anything that’s easy (like Val Jacks, Val Punchers, etc), leave to your teammates, unless there’s one or more heading towards yourself, or there’s no harder enemies to attack.

Survival Tips

Archers are long range attackers, in pretty much any game, so it makes sense to find a comfortable place away from the action where you can still hit them, but be safe. Remember, unless you choose knight style (and no self respecting archer will choose a style with such low range), you WILL be squishy. You will be much more useful spitting out fast death and providing cover fire than tanking some of the aggro and barely killing anything. Also, if you’re getting aggroed, it’s preferable to run to another hiding spot, rather than try to fight them off. Melee attacks will have less damage, and when being aggroed, you have no time to try to lock onto enemies.

Useful Weapons

I find that Cage Blaster is useful, because if an enemy notices you and starts charging you, and you can’t take him/her out before getting to you, the Cage Blaster can stop them in their tracks. The Witch Broom (forgot the name) is useful because it can take you across the whole map quickly, which means if you’re alone and there’s a bunch of enemies closing in, you can quickly get to safety and spit out death at them while they’re trying to catch up. Electric Bat is good for knocking away any enemies that try running at you, and it’s also good for edging.

Recommended Styles

You will be dependant on TECH for damage, lock on range, and weapon recharge time. All 3 are very important. STR also plays a part in damage, but it’s minor. Spy and Martial Artist both have a lot of TECH, so either one is fine. Spy has 1 more TECH, while MA has one more STR.

Hopefully this guide will help some players. I’m not really experienced with making guides, and I probably left out some stuff, so if anyone sees anything I should add/change/omit, please let me know.

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