GetAmped2 Unicorn Guide

GetAmped2 Unicorn Guide by TPArtemis

Unicorn is a style that mainly has alot of kick attacks, it has some nice reach and a good Jump X, problem is, the special has lift pushback, not pushback.

What are the advantages?

It has tonnes of reach and u can attack rly far in a close ranged battle, it’s Jump X is useful, the animation is like Lucha de Arte’s Jump X, if u hit the target, they get knocked over and you jump behind of them, if they block, you jump behind them as well, this makes it hard to counter it properly.

What are the disadvantages?

It only has 1 special and the ZXC has lift pushback, not pushback pushback, also, the timing of the finisher X is hard to get right, it doesnt work if u spam x, u have to do something like x.short wait.x

Moveset :

Default Item : Beach Shell, or is it a flute?
XX : Heel hit, like Spriggan from SF’s first hit of its VX, then a downwards motion slap, then a straight kick up into the air, this lifts.
CCCC : Kick, kick, kick, then a hook kick thing, this has slight pushback and doesn’t knock over sometimes.
Dash X : Straight kick into the air, this lifts.
Step C : Horizontal kick that doesnt knock over.
Dash C : Horizontal slap that doesnt knock over.
Jump X : I explained it earlier.
Jump C : Midair kick with epic range.
ZXC : Uppercut kick with red aura, then a horn upper.
Super ZXC : Upgraded ZXC

What accs are good with it?

Win : Boxing Gloves, Flame Arm Gaunlet, Staff of Sealing, Spring Shoes, Bullet Note, Woden Save
Cresent : Deity’s Orb, Magical Broom, Vortex Wheel, Cheering Set, Wired Arms, Sun Ring
Rare : The black katana thing according to Masae, Ocean Harp, Mantis Sickle

Is it worth it?


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