GetAmped2 Magician Basic Guide

GetAmped2 Magician Basic Guide by TPArtemis

Magician is quite a versatile style, it has its own hold attacks, which replace your acc’s holds unless it’s a magic acc such as Jack Mirage or Deity’s Orb, it’s moves normally include creating blue flame orbs with your hand. Female magician’s flames are pink.

What are the advantages?

Magician has it’s own hold attacks, which is extremely useful if you’re using an acc which doesn’t have holds. It has some nice Tec and Jmp which is quite surprising for a magic type. The hold’s have 3 levels each ( I think ).

What are the disadvantages?

It’s ZXC and Dash XC start a combo no matter wether you hit the target, miss, or the target blocks, since the combo lasts for about 1 or 2 seconds and you don’t get super armor while using it, you become very easy to hit. It also has quite a small selection of accs.

Moveset :

Default Item : The chemical bottle thing
XX : A hit with the blue flame ball (gonna call this BFB from now on), then you use some type of magical energy to stun the target for a bit, and then uppercut him with a BFB, since you can’t stop when you stun the target, the uppercut has to hit.
CCCC : 3 hand slashes, then a BFB hit.
Dash X : It’s like Elemental Bangle’s dash X, but with BFBs.
Dash C : You make a small wall of blue magical stuff to hit the target.
Jump X : Hit enemy with a BFB
Jump C : Mid air slap
Hold X : This has 3 levels, higher the level, the more u have to hold and the more damage it does. None of these pass thru walls.
Level 1 : A blue tornado that lifts the enemy and spins him around, enemies cant recover using XC after this.
Level 2 : Upgraded level 1
Level 3 : This is a bit like Basho Fan’s Jump XC, but its more closed ranged, its like an upgraded level 2, and you can do Level 1 immediately after this.
Hold C : same rules again, differant attack.
Level 1 : You shoot 2 blue fireballs that pass through the floor.
Level 2 : Upgraded level 1, you shoot 3 fireballs.
Level 3 : Upgraded level 2, you shoot 4 fireballs.
ZXC : You hit the enemy with a palm thrust, lift him up and stun him for a bit, then u summon about 5 BFBs to hit the victim, then you do something a bit like Judicator’s ZXC from SplashFighters, and the target goes flying.
Dash XC : Same as ZXC.

What accs are good with it?

Win : Staff of Sealing, Icicle Rod, Celestial Robe, Muscle Belt
Cresent : Deity’s Orb, Blossom Fan, The Broom (I haven’t got it, but my friend does), Elemental Bangle, Jack Mirage
Rare : Special coloured versions of everything listed above, I don’t kno >.<, i don’t really have any “rares”

Is it worth it?


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