GetAmped2 Hunting Tool Guide

GetAmped2 Hunting Tool Guide by TPArtemis

Advantages : Epic Combos, quick medium ranged move
Disadvantages : Extremely Complex

Moveset :
XX : Wrench hit, wrench smash
Short Hold X : Wrench hit, which creates one blue shockwave, which makes a swining blade shaped like a guillotine, this uppercuts with a slash effect twice
X Hold X : Same as above
Dash X : Wrench hit
Hold Dash X : Same as Short Hold X, if the wrench hits as well, the victim gets pushback
Jump X : Wrench Smash
Jump Hold X : You float in the air for a bit, then you jump a little in the direction you’re facing, a blue shockwave appears as you do this, after around 3 seconds, a weight falls on the spot the shockwave appeared, and squashes anyone hit by it.
Jump C : Wrench Hit
Jump Hold C : Same as Jump Hold X, but 1 second, and a pan instead of a weight, this stuns shortly
Hold X Type 1 : You set a bear trap infront of you
Hold X Type 2 : You turn around, and throw a bear trap behind you, this has longer range than Type 1
Hold C : Sets a a mini wheel thing on the ground, anyone who stands on this gets a arrow shot at them, you can put this on walls for horizontal shoothing instead of vertical
Aim XC : You do something like Hold X Type 2, then hit, this has super armor (i-frame), the victim lands on the bear trap, then a pan falls of the persons head, then a weight.
Super Aim XC : You do a triple Aim XC, and the things that fall on a victims head are as follows : Pan, then an explosive weight, this goes BOOM after a short while and does a vertical pushback.

Recommended Styles : Soldier, Knight
Best maps/play modes : Street, Waterfall TDM, Great Avyon TDM
Inherited Skill : Hold X (both types)
Combos : (With Tomahawk) : X Hold X, then wait until it slashes for the 2nd time, then Spacebar
(With Beserker Axe) : Same as above, but wait longer
Is it worth it : Yes.

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