Fantasy of Sword Pets Guide

Fantasy of Sword Pets Guide by Tailwhip

Hello and welcome to my 3rd guide, this one is a bit more different, as I believe some of the translation is a bit of, and that I couldn’t test all functions here yet! so this will mainly be beta guide right now, when I get more info, if needed, I’ll update this one.

1. Pet interface

Press P on your keyboard or press pet on the interface. Here you can see all your pets, as you see I’ve collected 4 in the beta run here, all of their own use(well the tree got no use, or bird). Some pets have a lot of hp, others have high attack, some have a few skills, other a lot! Here you can check the basic things, info about their attacks, growth, apitude, and more.


2. Growth

Lets start of with growth, the thing that’s most needed to know about pet is: Better growth, better pet. or rather, stronger pet of that kind. Growth will make it possible to learn skills faster, and even gain stats faster.

You can increase the pets growth fairly easy, and fast. by using jades, if you use jades, it’s apitude will increase for that attribute, and gain more growth. Want an hp beast for pet? buy loads of hp jades! if you want a pet that can help out attacking? go with attack jades!

[Note: getting the pet up to 5 growth is easy, after that you need another expensive items for the jades, which can be found at grocery for example.]


3. How to use Jades

Go to Pet shop, and choose cultivate. Mark the monster you wanna cultivate, put the jade in the box(like in the picture).
The cultivate can fail, and you only gain 1 apitude, but for the cheaper ones that’s not a big deal, cause they are CHEAP.

Here you see my pet after 30 of those jades, increase about 1 in total. that’s about 0.03 growth per jade.

[Just guessing] As the Jade fails sometimes, I would guess that each jade gives 0.10, meaning that 10 increase in apitude is 0.10 in growth also, which seems logical.


4. Inherit

[This section is made out of guessing, and use of logic, if it’s all wrong I’ll correct it later]

Here you can take your old pet, and give one of it’s stats to your new pet. However your old pet will be gone if you choose to do this. This will cost Transfer Stones, they are hard to get and that’s why I haven’t been able to test this out… However here’s a good guess. A pet that gets a new apitude from your old pet will also gain growth. Say that your going to transfer hp apitude, old pet has 1350, new pet has only 1000, the new pet will get that hp, but also a 3.5 increase in growth(cause he got 350 more apitude).


5. Easy way of leveling new pets

At your home you can find spirit beads, these increases the hp of your pet by 50.000-500.000 exp depending on which you got.
Making them are cheap, and effective. There’s another way of getting the 500.000 ones easy, and that’s by doing master quests, you can get 5-20 in a day depending on your luck and speed in doing the quests.

You use it by clicking on “Use item” on the pet page.


Additional info:

You can get pet at many places, at your home, at grocery, at square. It will also tell you what type of pet it is by checking the information while hovering over it.

Some pet can grow when it reaches certain growth. Like little flame beast will change form at 12 and 18.

In my book there’s 2 pets, one farming: It has attack that can hit all enemies and strong defense, perfect for those 100 kill quest, or party farming in wild. And there’s an tank pet: this pet doesn’t need anything but high hp, good for instances, where it should last at least 3-4 hits. Why? Cause in instances pets main object is to stay alive, to make the % of you getting hit less!

Thanks for reading!

Is there something you need more info about? Something you think people don’t have a clue about? Just tell me about it and I’ll write the guide up!

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