Fantasy of Sword Pet Transformation Guide

Fantasy of Sword Pet Transformation Guide by Caia

Pet Transformation
Some pets transform (change appearance) when they reach a certain rank (12 and 18). For all those who wonder how their pet will look like when it reaches rank 12 / rank 18, I tried to gather these screenshots. If you want to know how to raise your pets rank, look here.
Starter Pets (do not transform)

ButterflyEagleTree Spirit

When you start the game, you will get one of these pets at random. If you want a different one, you can buy them in the Pet Store, too: for 1 lumber, 1 natural silk, 1 ore and 500.000 copper. The butterfly can also be made in your home garden at the Fairy Tree.

Level 10 Quest Pets (do not transform)

Little Yellow BirdLittle Ghost

In your lvl10 newbie box you will find a pet exchange note. Use it and Daxian Zhou (at square) will give you a mtk-pet (Little Yellow Bird) or att-pet (Little Ghost). You can get the Little Yellow Bird at Grocery, too, and only the one from Grocery will transform at rank 12 and 18.

Grocery Pets

Spirit DeerMysterious Crystal
Yellow Bird

At Grocery you can exchange Spirit Deer, Mysterious Crystal or Yellow Bird for a Pet Refined Spirit. You can get that either in Grocery for 300 Jade Chippings, at your sections Elder for 2600 master quest repetition times or with a lot of luck at praying platform.

Square Pets

Spring Fairy
(does not transform)
Lonely Lady

For a certain amount of Golden Carp Stones Daxian Zhou at square will give you a Spring Fairy (20 Golden Carp Stones) or a Lonely Lady (60 Golden Carp Stones). You can earn up to 2 Golden Carp Stones per day: one from the Fate Prophecy quest and one for staying online for 5 hours.

Home Garden Pets

Butterfly (does not transform)Snow Monkey
(does not transform)
(does not transform)
Flame Beast
(should transform, but is bugged and
will not change appearance)

At lvl20 you can create your home garden. At the Fairy Tree you can exchange a Butterfly (500 daisies and 50 fairy fate points), a Snow Monkey (500 creeping woodsorrels and 100 fairy fate points), an Orchid (500 Ivy and 200 fairy fate points) or a Flame Beast (500 Violets and 400 fairy fate points).

Pray Platform Pet

Green Dragon

With a lot of luck you can win a Green Dragon at the Praying Platform. You need to buy Praying Stones from Gold Shop (10 gold each) and pray to get one of the rewards on the right side at random.

Shop Pets

Colorful ButterflyPomegranate

For 280 gold you can buy a Colorful Butterfly or the Pomgranate in the Gold Shop.


Water KylinSnowtiger
Fortunate Tiger

You can get the Fortunate and Snow Tiger from Ancient Chests (from digging for treasure). I have no clue how to get the Water Kylin xP

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