Fantasy of Sword Master Quests Guide

Fantasy of Sword Master Quests Guide by rickx05

What are master Quests?
These are short quest which can be taken at any level at the placecard of all towns and can be refreshed by completing the quest, using 15 Sword Silver Coins or by the daily reset. Master Quest can be separated into 4 types killing, collecting, purchasing and time limited and they come in various difficulties depending on your level.

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Quest Types
Killing Quest
Killing a certain amount of monsters
Killing a ‘specific‘ instance target

Collecting Quest
Collecting Flowers
Collecting Mob Drops
Collecting Diamonds and Gold Bricks

Acquiring a certain number of items from a NPC

Time Limited
Killing a certain amount of monsters within the specific time

White – Easy with chances to receive a random item
Green – Medium with better chances to receive an item
Blue – Hard with great chances to receive a random item and 1 fixed reward
Purple – Super hard and will receive 1 fixed reward and a high chance to get an extra item.

Master Quest gives you exp, master reputation, kongfu reputation, master quest succession times and a chance to receive a random item

*some quest have fixed rewards but you will still have a chance to get a random item

When you finish a master quest, you will receive 1 master quest succession time which can be used to exchange for items at your sect elder

*master quest succession times will be deducted after use

You can only receive 5 master quests at one time

*Try to do master quest as a team (some monsters are hard and some quest needs you to kill alot of monsters)
**Only pick quests that you can finish
***Never abandon a quest, when you abandon a quest, you will lose some master rep and your succession time will be reset to 0
****The placecard refreshes every 3rd tun in for master quests – info by tenraah

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