Fantasy of Sword Liuli Guide

Fantasy of Sword Liuli Guide by ascie

Liuli of Tianxing Sect

A refined pure jade-fairy was degraded to be a common folk who had a sheer infatuation to her right match. A young girl with childish look
on her face and talented intelligence on the martial arts. She has a special feeling to Houlie Xia who takes care of her like a brother.

Swordswoman with the balance of mono and group skills.


Left Side Skills:

Enrapturing the Entire C – Passive Skill [Dodge probability permanently increased by 1%] +1% each level

Spring Tricks – Mono-Physical Attack-Curse Skill [115% Basic Physical Damage]

Sky Tricks – Mono-Physical Attack-Curse Skill [157.5% Basic Physical Damage and 12.5% chance to reducing enemies defense by 5%]

Flowing Light – Mono-Physical Attack-Curse Skill [162.7% Basic Physical Damage and 12.5% chance to reducing enemies damage by 2%]

Blessing – Active Mono-Blessing Skill [Recovers 3.5% HP by consuming 5% MP]

Determination – Mono-Physical Attack Skill [Enemy’s Defense reduced by 5%, Dodging Rate increased by 1.5% and 315% Basic Physical Damage to the enemy]

Heaven and Earth Tricks – Mono-Physical Attack Skill (lvl60)[136.5% Basic Physical Damage and an 18.75% chance to ignore target’s defense with 126% extra physical damage]

Right Side Skills:

Mind Following – Mono-Physical Attack Skill [105% Basic Physical Damage]

Returning Air to Blow – Passive Skill [Permanently increase HP by 1% and MP by 1.5%]

Hidden Fragrance – Mono-Physical Attack-Curse Skill [Enemy’s Defense reduced by 5% and a 194% Basic Physical Damage]

Jade in Mouth – Passive Skill [14.3% chance to do an extra attack during attack]

Forgetting Sorrow – Group Physical Attack Skill [Randomly hits 1 target with 94.5% Basic Physical Damage]

Unreal Feeling – Mono-Physical Attack Skill [Attacks a single target 4 times with 98.4% Basic Physical Damage each attack]

The Sovereign – Group Physical Attack-Curse Skill (lvl60) [Hits all the target with 123% Basic Physical Damage, Removes Invisibility and a 14.3% chance to confuse the target]

Building-up a Liuli

A Liuli can be a Tank and a Damager, basically, most of the characters needs a decent amount of HP as they gains a level since Chief Monsters(Instance Bosses) can easily  take you down in one hit if you don’t have enough HP for your level, especially at Demon Prison Tower. So for this sake, adding 2 to Vit/Con(Vitality/Constitution) and 1 to Str/Arm Power in each level you gain would ensure Liuli’s survival, both attributes gave HP but Str don’t give as much as Vit do. So it will be a best thing to do until you get a 9k or more HP and after that add all the points you get each time you gain a level to Str, that way you’ll get more Damage and some more HP till you get to a higher level.

Skill Build:

DPS Liuli

Left Side
Enrapturing lvl10
Spring Tricks lvl 4/5 (make it ’till lvl4 only if you want to get lvl5 Sky Tricks)
Sky Tricks lvl4 / Flowing Light lvl3

Right Side
Mind Following lvl3
Returning Air to blow lvl10
Hidden Fragrance lvl5
Jade in Mouth lvl10
Forgetting Sorrow lvl5
Unreal Feeling lvl7
The Sovereign lvl1 (lvl60 AOE Skill)

PVP Type Liuli

Left Side
Enrapturing lvl10
Spring Tricks lvl5
Flowing Light lvl6
Determination lvl10
Heaven and Earth lvl1 (lvl60 Skill that has a chance to ignore armor reduction:
more to this with Jade in Mouth = 2x Damage that Ignores Armor)

Right Side
Mind Following lvl3
Returning Air to blow lvl10
Jade in Mouth lvl10
Unreal Feeling lvl4

Equipments (Weapon and Armors)

For level 1-29, Newbies gifts (Armor and Weapon) would do, but if you want something more powerful, the Yellow Liuli Sword from IFM(Ice-Flame Mountain)a lvl15 instance, will be a good choice for lvl15-21, you can ask for it from high level players if they got one and showed it on the World Chat…

At level21, the Xuanwu’s Sword, Liuli lvl21 sword, you can craft this sword at the Blacksmith(Equipment Store) will be a good choice provided with some sky stones to enchant up to level 4 with 2slot for gem inlaying.

For level 30-39, A weapon from Demon Prison Tower(DPT) would the best choice on this level and for the Armor, equipments from the Secret Underground Palace – Imperial Mausoleum(IMP) is the good choice.

At level 40 and above, DPT equipments will be the best if you can get them. Below are the equipments from DPT.

Gems to be inlayed:

Armor (Hats, Clothes, Shoulder Pads and Boots)
These are the gems you need for Armor, +Vit (Constitution) gems, such as:
Heaven-gate Beast Gem Vit+5
Sharp-teeth Tiger Vit+4
Green Python Vit+4
This 3 gems will surely boost your HP,
if you would like to continue enlaying gems on your equips, +Agi (Body Movement) gems would be the best to enlay next:
Mountain Warrior Gem Agi+5
Mausoleum Stone-guard Gem Agi+4
Octopus Gem Agi+4
I choose +Agi gem since it can increase few ATK, Speed and Hit Rate.

Weapon, Necklace, Ring and Magic Weapon
Gems that adds Str are the best gems for this group, such as:
Lizard Gem Str+5
Red-tail Fox Gem Str+4
Undead Soldier Gem Str+4

ATK gems can also be enlayed if you have drilled it for more slot.
Dew Bead Gem ATK+30
Thief Gem ATK+12
Gems that adds Luck would be good for more Dodge Rate and Critical Rate(150% Damage)
Heaven Soldier Gem Luk+5
Tiger-man Gem Luk+4

But I would prefer this Gem if it’s available:
Cannibal Ant Gem: Deadly Hit Rate+1%

Cloak and Wrist Guard
For this group gems that increases HP is good since there’s no other gems that will be suitable for a Liuli than Gems that adds HP for Cloak and Wrist Guard.
Chimpanzee Gem HP+50
Strip-anaconda Gem HP+40

for the next 3 slot if it’s already available through drilling;
Spirit Stones, Powders and some Gems from Instances will be best if it’s available.

Example of Spirit Stones:
Lizard Spirit Stone Str+5
Red-tail Fox Spirit Stone Str+4
Undead Soldier Spirit Stone Str+4

Example of Powders:
The Moons Powder: All Stats Increase +3
Venus’ Powder: Str+4 and Agi+2
Rahu’s Powder: +2% ATK

These are just some of the Spirit Stones and Powders that you can enlay on this Equipments, the rest will be up to you to discover.

I’ll add more in this guide as i progress ingame. Ascie lvl50 Liuli…
Thanks to all who help me ingame!! Thanks for all the help!!!
Hope you like my guide, this is my first time.

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