Fantasy of Sword Homeland Guide

Fantasy of Sword Homeland Guide by doom725

Home Land Can be accessed when we reach level 20
Go to Eastern Yujing City (use transfer platform), go to – Royal Residence and Click on the 2nd Figure (woman) which is the Home Messenger….

When u click On the Home Messenger the Lady will Prompt u to “Building up the Home “….

Then Click on the Home Button which would be on the right hand side of the Home Messenger….

Go back to the Home Messenger by using

The Home Messenger will ask you to develop your home ….

So Click on Home Scene to Enter Home….

As u can see this is the view which u will be able to see of your Home ….

Now …Click on (Pack Button) Seeds ….3 Daisy Seeds will be given to you by the home messenger ..

Then Select the Seeds…

And Click on the Empty Field Slots to Plant the Seeds…

The Home Land Consists of different feature such as…..

Upgrading Fields

To Develop Fields we need a particular amount of Natural silk, Lumber, Ore and Spirit Beads…..

Lumber –       Natural Silk –   

Ore –           Spirit Beads –   

And these are the amounts need to Upgrade Fields

For Level 2

For Level 3

For Level 4

For Level 5

Treasure Pavilion

Treasure Pavilion consists of 2 things ….

Background (scenery) and Guardian Beast


You can Change the Background according to scenery what u like

Guardian Beast  –

Guardian beast Protects the Flowers from stealing of flowers. If caught by Guardian Beast while stealing flowers from other farm .200 Coppers are deducted from the Backpack.
Guardian Beast is given by Home Messenger when we are new at our Home to Set a Guardian we have use the Egg from the bagpack and go to Treasure pavilion to set it.


Collect –

– With this Button we can collect Flowers the are fully grown

Shovel –

–  After Picking up the flowers we can use this opion to clear the land.

Pack –

– With this Option we can plant seeds again on the field.


– With this option we can check the details of what all seeds
we planted and when they were plucked.

Home Fairy Tree –

We can make seeds of the flowers from fairy tree. We can make Nectar to get Fairy Fate from fairy tree as well… and make blacksmithing papers .
We can create Pets from fairy tree by using fairy fate points and beads from the fairy tree and make Home rings, Dragon Spirit Fairy crystals and potions from the tree to make plants grow faster.
Some items cost copper, Fairy Fate and/or Spirit Bead next to flowers that are needed.

Friend –
When click this button a list would appear of our friends and we can go feed or play with their pets or steal flowers from them….

Roam –

We can roam around our friends or strangers fields and Feed their pets or steal Flowers from them as long as we have stamina.
When Feed others Guarding beast …..We will get Fairy Fate Points.
You can do this when you are going to sleep ^^ or when u are grinding the whole day or before the Reset time (5.00 Server Time) and use up all your stamina points.

Messages –

We can check messages if anyone have sent us one.

Was able to complete the guide with help Of Lady Nessa and Sire StormRage
Regards — DoomBringer

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