EverQuest II Game Terms List

EverQuest II Game Terms List by Kiara

Everyone knows that online games have their own special languages. EverQuest II is no exception! This can be a bit daunting for folks new to the game (even if they’re old MMO veterans). So here, we’ve tried to compile a list of commonly used EQII slang.

addadditional mobs
afflictiontypes of debuffs – trauma, noxious, elemental, magic, curse
afkaway from keyboard
aggrothe mob’s hate or aggression
aggro rangethe distance at which an aggro mob will “see” you
aoearea of effect
assistperson who determines which mob to target
avatarrepresentations of the gods on Norrath
bbmButcherblock Mountains
biopotty break
blue aoearea of effect spell that lands on any nearby mob
box/boxersomeone who plays multiple characters in game simultaneously
brbbe right back
brigbrigand class
brtbe right there
bsbarren sky
btwby the way
buffa beneficial spell cast on yourself or allies
burnkill a mob quickly with lots of dps
cccrowd control
CoMcity of mist
combineto craft an item out of raw materials
conjyconjuror class
contestedmob or zone that is not instanced and anyone can access
CoVcrypt of Valdoon
craftersomeone who makes items, armour, food, etc
cspcrush, slash, pierce
cusee you
custom ui3rd party ui – profit, fetish, etc
dddirect damage
dddaily double – quest obtainable in the Moors that offers bonuses for running specific dungeons in TSO
de-aggrousually a spell or combat art to make the mob hate you less
de-buffremoves beneficial stats of mobs
detrimentaldebuffs on you or your allies
dingto gain a level
dkpdragon kill points
dlwdarklight wood
dofdesert of flames – EQII’s 1st expansion
dotdamage over time
dpsdamage per second
dsdamage shield
efpeast freeport
ELEnchanted Lands
encountera mob or group of mobs
eofechoes of faydwer – EQII’s 3rd expansion
epiclevel 80 class specific weapons, mobs that are labeled epic, crafting epics
epic crafterscrafters who can make the updates for the crafting epics
Evacspell that transports you/group to the nearest safe point.
farmersomeone who repeatedly kills the same content to acquire items of value to sell for in-game wealth
fdfeign death
featherhealer spell that gives everyone in the group a healer only res
ffafree for all
fgfallen gate
frontalrefers to direction that the mob can attack, cast spells
ftlfor the lose
ftwfor the win
fuelcrafting component required for recipes
ganknegative term to refer to killing another player
gfaygreater faydark
gmgame master
group aoearea of effect spell that lands only on linked mobs
guardguardian class
guidevolunteers who run quests and other activities in game
hate listthe mob’s mental tally of who it hates and in what order
healshealer classes (Inquisitor/Templar/Mystic/Defiler/Warden/Fury)
hoheroic opportunity
immunitystate of not being able to attack or be attacked
imo/imhoin my opinon/in my humble opinion
inqinquisitor class
instancesingle group/raid content
jkjust kidding or joking
jwjarsath wastes
KCkarnor’s castle
kjkunzar jungle
knockbackability to push a mob/player away
koskingdom of sky – EQII’s 2nd expansion
kpkylong plains
kskill steal – to purposely jump ahead of another player to kill a mob
leashthe point at which a mob will no longer pursue you if you run away
lflooking for
lfaylesser faydark
lfglooking for group
lfmlooking for more
lfrlooking for raid
lfwlooking for work
lockwarlock class
lockeda player is unable to enter a zone because of their lockout timer
lockout/zone timerthe time that must pass before you can revisit a completed zone
lollaugh/ing out loud
lootrewards gained from killing mobs
lploping plains
mamain assist
master craftera crafter who has completed their epic quest and earned the title Master of their chosen tradeskill
max rangeto fight at the maximum distance your spells or attacks will reach
mcmastercrafted items made from rare materials
meatshielda tank
mezmesmerize – spell that stuns a mob so that it can be dealt with at a later time
mini ding10% of a level that resets health and power back to full
mobattackable creature/npc
mommines of meldrath
mtmain tank
namedboss mobs
nek castlenektropos castle
nerf/nerfedreduction in power/uberness of items, classes, etc
newb/newbienew player to the game
nfpnorth freeport
node stealersomeone who harvests the same node you are currently harvesting
nodesshrubs, dens, roots, etc that yield raw materials for crafting
noobexperienced player who should know better
npno problem
npcnon player character
nuke/nukingdirect damage spells
oop/oomout of power! Out of mana!
opover powered
otoff tank
otwon the way
pallypaladin class
paopalace of the ancient one
parselisting of dps or heals tracked through a 3rd party program
patrol/wanderersmobs who move about
pbPeat Bog
pcplayer character or price check
persistant instanceinstance that you can partially complete and come back another time to finish
phplace holder – refers to a mob that spawns in the place of a special mob
poapalace of the awakened
pofpillar of flames
porttravel by druid portal/wizard teleport
pospercussion of stone (spell)
potmPrecision of the Maestro (spell)
proceffect that triggers from weapons or spells
pugpick up group
pullto attract a mob’s attention
purpick up raid
pvpplayer vs player
qfequoted for emphasis
qftquotes for truth
raiderplayer who raids
rangeddistance attacks
raresrare harvested materials used for mastercrafted items, armour, and spells
rawsraw components for tradeskills that can be harvested from nodes out in the world
res, rez, rezzes, etcresurrect, bringing back to life – revives a character on the spot so they can continue playing without having to run back from the respawn point
revrevive – respawn at safe point
rip/peelpull aggro off the person who currently holds it
rmtreal money transaction
roflrolling on the floor laughing
roflmaorolling on the floor laughing my *** off
rokrise of kunark – EQII’s 4th expansion
rootspell that immobilzes a mob so that it can’t move towards you
RoVruins of varsoon
runrun away! Flee for your life! Save yourself!
scstation cash
sfpsouth freeport
shard/heartitems passed out by conjy’s and necros to convert hitpoints to mana
shiny/shinie/glowycollectables found on the ground
skshadowknight class
sossanctum of the scaleborn
sowSpirit of the Wolf (run speed buff)
spawn pointpoint at which a mob or player enters the game/zone
spawn timethe time between death and when a mob reenters the game/zone
squishyclasses that can’t take much damage
sssinking sands
staticmobs who remain fixed
t1-t8(t=tier) term used to designate which block of ten levels players, content, items etc fall into
tankthe person in the group designated to keep the mob’s hate and soak damage from the rest of the group
tank and spankstraight fighting
target throughwhen you keep a member of your party targeted in order to fight/cast on their targetted mob
tdtimorous deep
temptemplar class
thxthank you
tsothe shadow odyssey – EQII’s 5th expansion
tstradeskills or Thundering Steppes zone
tttenebrous tangle
tyvmthank you very much
uiuser interface
utilityclasses whose main purpose is to buff/debuff
vetveteran reward
voesvault of the eternal sleeper
wcwailing caves
wfpwest freeport
wheelui element that shows the abilities needed to complete/progress a heroic opportunity
wipewhen the entire group/raid dies to an encounter
wizwizard class
woeward of elements
[Removed for Content]what the [insert expletive here]
ywyou’re welcome
zergrushing an enemy with no plan, just a mass of bodies
zerk/zerkerberserker class
zomgfake surprise/sarcasm
zone (noun)a location in the game
zone (verb)cross the boundaries of the area you are in to move to another

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