Dungeon Defenders Fast Insane Alch Survival Setup Guide

Dungeon Defenders Fast Insane Alch Survival Setup Guide by castillle

So yah! Ive been doing this recently and I was able to make a pretty fast survival setup.

I was able to reach halfway through wave 24 with this setup with 2 people (it can handle a group of 4 people)

And the only thing you have to worry about is repairing the traps.


It may look weird but it worked fine for me. We lost because…I dont even know x.x our crystal was full hp, we were murdering everything…then BAM crystal broke with nothing near it and nothing near our walls aside from ninjas o.O Combat time was 4 hours 9 mins and build time was like…1 hour o.o

The important thing is that starting at wave 20+, you need to camp out around the auras. 1 person stays in the auras and distracts the ninjas, the other runs around repairing.

You NEED to keep the west walls protected so a huntress is important or just people with map awareness. We randomly see ninjas wailing on the wall and ignoring everything so you have to help the trap get rid of them faster and keep the walls repaired.

There are a few changes you can safely make in case you are having problems with it like selling the elec tower and putting another safe area (heal + str drain + proxy) on the west side or you can put gas traps beside the east side proxies so they last longer.

The auras are tricky to put since you need a low – ish radius so they actually fit on the east side but aside from that its all about repairing and dragging the ninjas to your proxy mines. I used a level 43 monk when I played and it did well enough (but it was prolly the proxies killing everything)

If you have an apprentice who can repair quickly, you can safely do this with 3 people afk and teh apprentice repairing.

Oh and one person NEEDS to have a mage guardian so that the proxies 1 shots the ninjas o.o Aside from that..its all pretty easy to manage.

My huntress had 151 trap detonation, 306 trap damage, 140 trap reset, and 99 radius when i did that o.o

gl hf!

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