Dungeon Defenders Controller Emulation Guide

Dungeon Defenders Controller Emulation Guide by ice252

How to emulate a controller so you can play splitscreen without a gamepad.

*Update* There’s is apparently a simple file that will allow you to directly use your keyboard to emulate a xbox controller. Go ahead and get the files here:


Move the two files found in the DLL folder into your steamapps->common->dungeon defenders->binaries->win32 folder.

Afterwards open up the xbox360kb.ini and go ahead and change the keybindings to what you would like. Make sure to use keys that will not be used while actually playing the game. I prefer using the bottom half of the numpad for 1st controller and the upper half for the 2nd controller. Just realize that if you’re using the characters to idle, the only keys you will need are start, A, B.

Save the ini file and go ahead and boot up dungeon defenders to test it out.

Mad props to zeiddeizs for not only giving me the idea, but actually finding this emulator as well.

*EDIT* I had a couple of requests for the config file I use so I decided to post it for everybody to check out. It’s posted below and it’s pretty simple, pretty much use the arrow keys for selection, numpad 0 for start, numpad 1 for a and numpad 2 for b.


Left Shoulder=num7
Right Shoulder=num8
D-Pad Up=up
D-Pad Down=down
D-Pad Left=left
D-Pad Right=right

Hey all, this is a guide that will teach you how to set up a virtual gamepad so you can play splitscreen without having to plug in a controller. I first want to acknowledge zeiddiez and his thread for helping me with the idea. Go check it out if you have a controller and would like to use that.

Dungeon Defenders Using Any Brand and Type of Controller Guide

So onwards, I’ll first laydown the process of what we are going to be doing.

1. Setup a virtual joystick.
2. Install a xbox360 emulator which will take the input from the virtual joystick and convert it into xbox360 output.

Step 1.

-Go to, http://headsoft.com.au/index.php?category=vjoy

-Install the driver, accept it if it tells you the driver is unsigned.

-Launch the program.

-As you notice, the program is pretty basic and labels all buttons 1-16 which does not help you very much.

-What you will want to do is bind Left,Right,Up,Down to something (you will use this to make selections instead of the left thumbstick) and the buttons 2, 3, and 10 (2,3 are your a, b buttons, while 10 is your start button).

-Hit okay and you are set for this step.

Step 2.

There are two options for this step, you can stop at this point and go to zeiddeiz’s guide to configure that way.


I have found that program crashes whenever I attempt to use it, so I went ahead and googled the updated version which you can find here:


-Go ahead and download and unzip to any location.

-You’ll find a whole bunch of files.

-Go ahead and first run the XINPUT program. Test out the buttons that you have bound, it should show that controller 1 is connected and whichever button you hit should light up on the controller.

-Afterwards, go ahead and move the xboxce.ini and the xinput1_3.dll into Steam->steamapps->common->dungeon defenders->binaries->win32. You can also move the xinput program to the same folder if you want to keep on testing or have some method of testing your configuration.

And you’re done, go ahead and boot up dungeon defenders. At the character selection screen, hit whatever button you have set up for start. A quick note for some reason, A and B might be swapped but it’s pretty easy to tell since when you hit the key to select the character, it’ll boot you out of the menu instead of selecting the toon.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a note, I’ll try and answer whatever.

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