Dragona Online Gunner Guide

Dragona Online Gunner Guide by Garan

Hello to all Gunners….

I am Garan of Xerion server and I have been playing Dragona since the Open-Beta was released.There are a lot of people telling me to make a Gunner Guide, so I decided to make one.I have tested the two different gunner build aoe & Single-Targeted Gunner and I have come-up with this build.This guide is good for pve and PVP. This will make you enjoy playing bod and boc with your gunner.
Enjoy reading and I hope you will learn something from this guide.
Comments and Suggestions are welcome here. Avoid bashing and trash-talking.
Feel free to ask…..

Cold Resurge=Max Level
Lightning Resurge=Max Level
Incinerating Shot =10 Level
Utilize Armor=1 Level
]Breakdown Armor=8 Level
Breakdown Weapon=8 Level
]Gaze of Destruction=Max Level
]Weaken Bond=1 Level
Balance Ether=1 Level
Control Ether=1 Level
Breakdown Weapon=8 Level
Defensive Stance =1 Level
Hiding Detection =1 Level
Indomitable Will =1 Level
Generate Magnetic Field = 1 Level
Bombing = Max Level
Aimed Shot = Max Level

Active Skills Explanation:
Buffs are at Level 1 only because if it is to be leveled to a maximum, I could say you would only waste some skill points since the additional amount is too little. Example a level 8 defensive stance is more or less equal to level 1 balance ether, level 1 control ether and level 1 defensive stance, if the 3 buffs resistant will be added up. You will also ask why the build has level 10 incinerating shot, it is because of the reason that in boc scouts are hard to hit because of their speed. Sometimes last 1 hit and there dead and still they escaped. This is why we have incinerating shot because it is a dot skill even if they blinked, chances are they’ll die because of the dot of fire damage.
If in case you have questions or suggestions regarding the active skills, feel free to do it…

Armor Application = Level 10 because we shave 3 points to be added to active skills
Train Body = Max Level
Passive Skills Explanation

Armor Application and Train Body are the only passive skills learned, Why?
Because if we are to learn Elemental Armor, we have already ethers and will to compensate the resistant. The Max Leveled Elemental Armor has only little resistant given. Instead use the skill points to active skills. And is it only level 10 to gave way to incinerating shot.

For Train Body it’s a must to learn, this will make you last in dungeons runs, bod, boc etc…etc..

Items and Equipments:

For the set I recommend blue items because it has a lot of options given. Best if you will upgrade it. If in case you don’t have the golds to buy those items, I recommend green strong / solid items since its better than the normal set. My tip is just save your golds for your weapon. After you have blue weapon, focus now on your set.

For the weapon I recommend the blue ones with min-max damage , elemental attack and critical hits.

Jester Type Gunner Items:
This one is for those who are rich..
1 Seer Talisman = 2+ Crit. Hits
2 Ezullan Rings = 2+ Crit. Hits (for 2 rings you’ll have 4+ crit. hits..)
1 Necklace with movespeed and hp
Jester Weapon = 7+ Crit. Hits
Gloves = 2+ Crit. Hits

All in all you’ll have 15+% Critical Hits. This is to make aimed shot more deadly and crit. hits more. Other active damage skills will also crit since you have 15+% Critical Hits.

Where to Level:
Just follow the quest you have until you reach level 35. Don’t join parties in normal quests so that later in higher levels you will not run out of quests. Join only on boss kills but for gunners, boss kills are not really that hard.  When you reach level 36 (usually in this level you will not get anymore quests, if you have that quest or map will be opened for the next patch), you will grind in Valley of Bitter Grief or spend golds in Ezulan Temple. While your earning some experience, chances are you’ll get blue items or unique parts, which you can use or sell to other players.

How to become Rich in Dragona:
1st = Spend a lot of money irl and sell items in item mall to players
2nd = Join Dungeons Runs for the loots
I will not recommend other ways of getting rich because some are not fair or against the in-game rules.

Bombing – Aimed Shot – BA – BW – god – Aimed…just use the available skill you have..resurges will only be used if the enemy is within your range..
For pve
Bombing – Cold Resurge – Lightning Resurge..you can also first cast Weaken Bond if you want..I recommend for mobbing to have at least 7-10 since, that’s the maximum mobs that will be hit with your skill..

If you have some questions, clarifications, suggestions etc. feel free to do it. I’ll answer it if I have the time.
Thank you and More Power….
Greetings to my friends in-game and to Apocalypse Guild. Greet ko na rin ka-shop ko Uee at Bagsik, isabit ko na rin si Poldo..wahaha…
enjoy playing dragona with your gunner!!!

IGN: Garan
Level: 40
Server: Xerion
Guild: Apocalypse

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13 Responses

  1. Rafael says:

    ano ang mga skill sa Gunner na may casting time??? at yung mga skill na walang casting time….

  2. Anonymous says:

    imba build panget

  3. Anonymous says:

    tnx sa mga crit. item suggestion

    but i'm not convince about ur skill

    guide for gunner . .

    i also try to make 2 gunner char . .

    2 make a amazing combo . .

  4. Alexathin says:

    NIce post friend, i just made a gunner and your comments helped me a lot, i will keep you posted for any problems or new elements i find during my leveling!

  5. Anonymous says:

    gold gold pano mag kagold?? di ako makabili ng gamit sobrang mamahal!! please help for gold!

  6. Sharef says:

    tol as youve said rare is better than unique? ahm i right? but as ive observed unique contains the high min and max damage also in crit. the other wise unique is better than rare.
    for me. well i dont know if some of the players agree with me. but its just my own observation……

  7. Ryan says:

    pwede co ba makita unq picture nq character mo??

  8. JinBrak says:

    What's your game version ?
    Our Server had the version 0.4.29.
    I don´t have all the skills that you can learn O.o

  9. Rann says:

    uhm… what about the skills from lvl 1 to lvl 5? Should I save up skill points for those from lvl 5 upwards?

  10. Anonymous says:

    pnu po mag ups my technic po b s pag ups ng item?lagi kc failed un skin pag nag uups

  11. Anonymous says:

    Partial transformation what did you choose?

  12. Anonymous says:

    how about the hp and mp regen?.
    can i add some skill points??

  13. Marc Rojie Lim says:

    Like! it! Thanks!

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