Dragona Online Guardian Skill Build Guide

Dragona Online Guardian Skill Build Guide by Zyx

Guardian Active Skills
-==Recommended Active Skills for level 2==-

Sword Strike :

An impact strike with the flat of the blade deals 63-75 damage and stuns the target.

Sweep :

The low swing of the blade deals 60-72 damage and reduces movement speed by 22.

-==Recommended Active Skills for level 10==-

Slice :

This powerful strike imbued with the energy shout deals 249-261 damage. Has a small chance of stunning the target.

War Cry :

The roar imbued with a dragon’s wrath reduces attack power of nearby enemies by 30%

Cornification :

Hardening the skin increases defense by 5 and protection by 10%

-==Recommended Active Skills for level 15==-

Scatter Gravel :

Shooting forth gravel from the ground along with the turn of the blade deals 254-275 damage to nearby enemies and interrupts skill casting for 3.1 seconds.

Dash :

Excellent endurance increases movement speed by 20, fire resistance by 10%, cold resistance by 10%, lightning resistance by 10%, and poison resistance by 10%.

-==Recommended Active Skills for level 20==-

Sever Space :

Casting sword energy at a distant target deals 254-282 damage and 46 DoT from bleeding.

Cause Frenzy :

Showing the savageness of your bloodline increases Min. Attack by 12% and Max. Attack by 12%

Concentrate Defense :

Focusing on defense increase Protection by 20 and protection by 10% for a longer period of time, while reducing Attack Poer by 30%

Crush :

Deals 204-218 damage to the target with a strong *, reducing Defense by 10% and Evasion by 10% for a certain period.

-==Recommended Active Skills for level 25==-

Block Charge :

Attacking and interfering with movement deals 485-506 damage to enemies nearby and reduces movement speed by 22.

Murderous Strike :

Taking control of  breathing and focusing strength deals 998-1026 damage at once.

Blinding Sword :

Casting sowrd energy at a distant target deals 485-513 damage and reducs Movement Speed by 21

-==Recommended Active Skills for level 30==-

Concentrated Attack :

Focusing on attack increases Min. Attack 50%, Max. Attack by 50%, Critical Hit by 10%, and Movement Speed by 15. However, this decreases Defense by 56, Protection by 20, and Evasion by 20%.

Draw Sword :

A quick drawing of the sword deals immense 344-361 damage with 38% Critical Hit.

-==Recommended Active Skills for level 35==-

Dark Resistance :

Awakening the power of the dragon within increases Dark Resistance by 15%

Soul Slasher :

A single strike mbued with a powerful energy shout deals 206-214 damage and 767 additional Dark damage, while reducing core recovery by 10 for a time.

-==Recommended Active Skills for level 40==-

Bash :

You deal 739-755 damage to target. The attacked target is stunned according to the defined chance.

Smash :

You deal 739-755 damage to target. This attack contains 30% Critical Hit.

Passive Skills

Strong Skin: Skin that is stronger than that of other races increases Protection by 1%

Draconic Descendent: Inheriting the blood of a dragon increases Min. Attack by 2.5% and max. Attack by 2.5 %

Train Body: Training the body allows you to survive longer in dangerous situations, Max. HP increases by 10%.


The general nots in my opinion about choosing other skills. Skill points are very important so each point matters. When you’re in combat especially on PvP’s and mob, the fewer the presses of the button the lesser the risk of being confused due to the pressure of battle. Sometimes, having the cool image of the icon and special effects of the virtual damage can be very enticing but most of the time, you don’t need it. Bleeding Cut has damage and additional bleeding but in PvP and mob scenes you need quick killing moves instead of waiting for sheer luck to have the enemy bleed to death. Swirling Cut is good but not good enough considering you can only hit 1 enemy at a time and this skill only hits nearby enemies that you would only later entertain if you’re still alive  to do it, expect many long range fags to sight on your pretty head. Why do you expect you can twirl with a simple skill and hit them all? the skill is good for dungeon runs but my main guide here is for an all rounder guardian. One at a time hon just one at a time. Threatening attack skill will draw attention to your self but do you honestly need to do that? a simple swing of a sword can get an enemy ticked off and try to rape you dry. Budget your points right. The Taunt skill has the same rationale with threatening attack. Healing skill is still on “debate” can’t decide if it’s really that important considering 19 hp isn’t much unless you will have to spend sometime away from battle… how long can you rest when you’re in a guild or mob battle? well I think I laid out that should have nots on the active skills now let’s move on to the passive ones. The Strong Vitality skill says HP recovery while not in combat, and 2 during in combat, expect to always be in combat! you’re a guardian, which is meant to be put on the front lines so if you count the use of this skill you’re going to get only 2 HP recovery in combat. Most of the resistances are “depends on your style” I suggest increasing the lightning, dark, cold resistance considering most hurtful spells come from this property from different skills of different classes.

If you want your build hard go for the Train Body in passive skills. Skill building between offense and defense is like choosing between going to north or south, you can only go at one direction. You pick tank build then expect low offense, choose offense then expect a not effective survival rate when a clash starts. On the battlefield, it’s your style that keeps you alive, you could still reset your skills if you don’t wanna follow my suggestions, I made this as “practical” build which means you can apply all these skills to any situation and all you need to do is to learn how to allocate the points right. Ktnxbai.

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