Dragon Oath Pet List

Dragon Oath Pet List by Dacchei

I added this the wiki but thought I should add it here because it might help out newcomers

**note the unknown named pets I have listed are pets not added to the game yet…
==Pet List==
Listed by the level requirement to use pets and the pet’s level on Pet Island

P- Physical Attack
S- Spirit Attack
C- Balanced Attack
?- Not sure

If any of these are wrong please let me know so i can fix it

Level 5 Requirement:

Bunny (5) – S

Swallow (5)- C

Turtle (5) – P

Big-Headed Dog (15) – P

Hedgehog (15)

Monkey (15) – P

Squirrel (25)- S

Wolf (25) – P

Raccoon (25) – P

Parrot (25) – S

Lizard (35) – P

Bat (35) – S

Mantis (35) – P

Crocodile (35) – S

1 unknown named pet…looks like penguin

Level 45 Requirement:

Owl (45) – S

Badger (45) – P

Tiger (45) – P

Boar (45) – P

Level 55 Requirement:

Icy Silkworm (55) -?

Eagle (55) – S

Ostrich (55) – ?

Leopard (55) – P

2 unknown named pets…one looks like a mini T-rex and the other is penguin

Level 65 Requirement:

Polar Bear (65) – P

Peacock (65) – S

1 unknown named pet that is purple and with four legs and a horn

Sharp-Tooth Tiger (65) – P

Gorilla (65) -?

Two unknown named pets that aren’t in game yet…one looks like a king penguin and the other is an upright purple mutant duck looking thing

Level 75 requirement:






Also 3 unknown name pets…one looks like a ferret, one looks like a big purple mutant duck, and the other is a purple 4 legged beast

Not in game yet but 85 requirement:

Two Chinese dragon looking pets (names unknown)

Event Pets
Donkey – C -Lvl req:5
—Was released during Great Teamwork event

Platypus -S- Lvl req: 5
—Was released during Gream Teamwork event

Turkey – S – Lvl req: 5, 45, 55 or 65 (depends on turkey type)
—Was released during Thanksgiving Event

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