Dragon Oath Item and Drops Guide

Dragon Oath Item and Drops Guide by Dacchei

Hey guys I’m currently trying to get all the information for this together so it’s not complete yet, any help is appreciated (also any suggestions on other item groups I should add is also appreciated)

Also, for materials, I realize these lists don’t have every item listed… so if you know which ones I’m missing please post below! ^^

Item/Drops Guide


Materials are used for life skills and are also common items for guild quests. There are different levels of each one and an easy way to find most of them is: +3= 30-39 mobs, +5= 50-59, etc. However, there are some exceptions to this…but for most part this should work.

Also this: Dragon Oath Material Collection Guide
Is a useful guide as well.

Rime, Fan Rib, Thread, Chalcedony, Pikestaff, Hilt, Sheath, Ring, Shankbone, Ice nuclei, Ice Block, Amber

Savage Blood, Soul Crystal, Monster’s Blood (L20-29 mobs), Red Liquid (L10-19 mobs), Leather, Monster’s Hair (L30-39 mobs)


Gems are typically dropped during thieves and rebels, however they can be found other ways (such as opening chests, turning in class contribution, etc.). All gems are found as L1 but can be turned into L2 gems through gem synthesis (which requires 5 L1 gems and a synthesis scroll). 5 L2 gems can be turned into a L3 gem.

Ruby (Stamina)
Sapphire (Intelligence)
Onyx (Willpower)
Emerald (Reflexes)
Turquoise (Agility)
Ruby (Fire Attack)
Epidote (Poison Attack)
Cyanite (Ice Attack)
Citrine (Thunder Attack)
Balas(Fire Attack)
Alexandrite (Critical Hit)
Amethyst (Hit)
Spinel (Physical Defence)
Garnet (Spirit Defence)
Opal (Spirit Attack)
Tigereye (Physical Attack)
Amber (Strength)
Topaz (Thunder Resistance)
Selenite (Fire Resistance)
Olivine (Poison Resistance)
Zircon (Ice Resistance)

Dragon Spheres
Dragon spheres are used for collecting class armor sets. They are dropped by the bosses of regular monsters (they have Boss written in yellow over their head.)

Also, to get the spheres for L20 set you’d kill L20-29 bosses, L30= L30-39 bosses, etc.

Amount needed for each item :(this is for only ONE out of however many there are in the complete set)
L90- 48


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