Dragon Oath Gem System Guide

Dragon Oath Gem System Guide by swithme

The Gem System is a unique feature in Dragon Oath. It plays a very very very important role. Mainly, the gems are for boosting up your stats and also to show off other people. There are many type of gems and different effects, take a look at the table below:

This table shows the gems’ effect and which type of items they can socket to.
– The green check means it can.

Keep in mind: 1 type of gem can only be socket once in an item.
Ex: If you have 1 Hope Gem in your item, such as Opal, that means you cannot add another Opal in that item or a Tigereye

Also, you can synthesize gems together for a better one.
– Go to Jade Pong at Lou Yang (176,183)

– Synthesizing gem required 5 gem with the same level.
+ 5 level (1) gem make 1 level (2) gem … then do the math. So to have 1 level (3) gem, you’ll need 25 level (1) gem.

– And a Synthesis Spell.

A Synthesis spell it own increase 25%. You need to have a least 3 gem to do the synthesizing.
3 gems (25%) + Synthesis Spell (25%) = 50% success
4 gems (50%) + Synthesis Spell (25%) = 75% success
5 gems (75%) + Synthesis Spell (25%) = 100% success

So you got the gems, the next thing is to add sockets to your items and socket the gems in.

– Add sockets:
– You need a specific item for adding socket which drop from different monsters only in specific maps. The level of the socket parallel to the level of the mobs.
– Each item have a maximum of 3 sockets. First socket always success, second socket is 2/3, last one is 1/3.

Finally, socket the gems in your item.
– You need the items that you’ll socket, and the gems ready … duh!
Gem Socket Spell and Remedy Pearl

– The Gem Socket Spell increases 50% chance. There will be an Advanced Gem Socket Spell which 100% chance in YuanBao shop.

The system will announce if you success socket in your gems.

A look from a fashion way from different gems:


– Cold hearted Cyanite

– Burning hot Balas

– The graceful Citrine

– The mysterious Epidote

– The sweet pink Amethyst

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