Dragon Oath Camera Angle Leveling With Horizon Guide

Dragon Oath Camera Angle Leveling With Horizon Guide by SyrinxVen

I just started the game today and saw sadly that the angle was …>> horrible. Looking here I saw changing file camera angle numbers seemed to do the trick but no one seemed to give a good idea of a leveled angle to horizon. I had to test alot figuring out the perfect angle. I knew the pitch was the angle and FOV was your field of view though sadly changing that didnt help mega much. Pitch I knew at 0.5 would be perfect to the floor…but that didnt feel right.

Everyone has there own comfort zone and this setting was mine in Bin/System.cfg :

Camera_MinDistance =4.5
Camera_MaxDistance =10.5
Camera_Pitch =15.5
Camera_FOV =50.0

EDITED NOTES (JAN 11, 2010 ~ i will not take credit for this added coding its taken from the Wiki then added my own numbers):
In addiction to the Camera_Pitch add the lines right after :

Camera_MaxPitch =0.0
Camera_MinPitch =65.5

Now these when added makes things even more free to move around holding down your mouse wheel and slide your mouse up and down changing the pitch freely. You can change the numbers around to your liking these numbers suited me. NOTE: Leave max alone and only change the Min pitch number. Higher the number the further away

Result on my screen fully zoomed out :

Zoomed in a bit more then half way with Pitch set to 0.5:

The pitch at 5.5 was sort of leveled and not on the ground and you can still click around. Course you might lag. I don’t recommend your distance farther then 15.5 and no less then 7.5 with this pitch angle. Might seem to far but ..if you want to zoom out farther just change MaxDistance. NOTE: even if your Max distance is set at like 50..you can only see scenery you wont see players or mobs because the game was created at such an angle the view distance wasn’t created or set. ( i know you all probably read that in the other guide and i learned it from trial and error with people popping out of no where @_@)

Zooming in you will always angle forward so..meh cant do much on that but I felt this the best for me. After it angles right when the game loads I don’t recommend you using the ALT+HOME and END…um tends to reset the angle and you cant go back down to looking ahead. Kinda sad that the camera is so restrained and like a ton of others I’m sure we are all hoping they repair that one day.

Hopes this helps anyway who wanted a more leveled feel then the down angle.

Full 3D Free View Camera Guide by Untamed

Hello all, the following camera settings will allow you to have a broad, easily changeable camera view in the world of Dragon Oath.

Go into your Dragon Oath program folder.
Go into /Bin/System.cfg file. Open it with notepad.
Find your camera settings. These will be above:

# Backsound Volume

and below:

# Camera

Then, replace your camera settings with the following. Make sure your client is closed when doing this:

Camera_MinDistance =0.1
Camera_MaxDistance =50
Camera_Pitch =25.0
Camera_MaxPitch =-180.0
Camera_MinPitch =180.0
Camera_FOV =100.0

Now, load up your DO client.

You will have a broad, full view. You can zoom in and out at will, seeing quite far. You can zoom in enough to the point that the game seems to be in first person mode.

Hold your middle mouse scroll button, and drag your mouse up and down. This allows you to change the pitch of the camera easily while ingame.

Ok, that is it, have fun! This information has been gathered from a couple other camera tutorials, I just combined it all and edited it a bit.

To use this like a normal 3D Camera ingame, hold down right and middle[scroll] mouse buttons at the same time, and move your mouse to the desired position.

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