Dragon Age Legends Respec FAQ

Dragon Age Legends Respec FAQ by Ryanth

Players can now respec their hero via the Hero Attributes screen for 1000 gold.

  • To respec your hero click the “Respec Hero” button.
  • A confirmation dialog box will appear that is titled “Hero Respec Warning”.
  • BE SURE YOU DID NOT CLICK STARTOVER (We will move this button in our next patch)
  • All of your attribute points and skill points will be returned to you.
  • You will be set back to Level 1 BUT your total  XP is still the same.
  • To level back up simply click the “Level Up” button next underneath your xp bar to go through the level up flow.
  • Keep clicking “Level Up” until you are back to your original level.
  • After you are done go into the skill screen and re-equip all of your new skills.  You also need to go to your inventory screen and re-equip your consumables.


I’m level 1!  What happened!?!
You still have the same total XP as before.  Click the “Level Up” button underneath the XP bar to level back up.  

I’m level 6 and halfway to 7.  Will I still be halway to 7 after the respec?
Yes.  We have made slight changes to the leveling curve in the late teens and early twenties.  This might result in you being slightly ahead or behind of where you were before respeccing.  But your total XP is still the same.

I have no skills or consumables in combat!
After respeccing all of your consumables and skills are unequipped.  Even after leveling back up your skills will not automatically re-equip.  Go into the skill to re-equip skills and the inventory screen to re-equip consumables.  

How much does respecing cost?  Does it go up in price each time?
Your first respec costs 1000 gold, with every subsequent respec cost increasing by 1000.

Please post other questions and answers below and I’ll add them to the list.

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    If I respec, will my character still be on his same quest or will I have to do the whole storyline again?

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