Dragon Age Legends Gift Manager for Google Plus

Dragon Age Legends Gift Manager for Google Plus by Haderach

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I quickly got bored of  the very tedious process to accept gifts on Google+. Since the gifts do seem to make a difference over time, especially those energy pills, I decided it would be better to spend a night and make something that would do it for me.

I present DAL Gift Manager. There isn’t any configuration at the moment, although I can see a couple areas that may require it. To get you up to speed with what the extension does, here are a few illustrative examples.


That is about it.


v0.9.0 Official release of gift sending features

v0.8.11 Release Candidate 3 see this post for changes

v0.8.10 Release Candidate 2 see this post for changes

v0.8.9 Release Candidate see this post and this post for changes

v0.8.6 – Now can confirm if a gift is claimed, leaves gift as unclaimed if there is a problem. As a side effect all gifts have been marked as unclaimed upon upgrade.

v0.8.4 – Fixed problem from previous release due to extension packing error

v0.8.3[Retracted] Now with automatic update capability

v0.8.1 – Small memory improvement closing and opening the notifications page in the same chrome instance without restarting

v0.8.0 – Now tracks gift claiming if you open a gift manually

v0.7.2 – Fixes icon not showing up through a little more active page state checking


What its Doing

The extension is really scrapping the page for all the ‘Play now’ urls that cause gift redemption. It then checks that gift against an internal store of already claimed gifts. If the gift hasn’t been seen before, it opens a tab in the background to the gift and waits for it to display the succesful gift confirmation. After 15 seconds if nothing happens it assumes the page failed to load and continues on the list leaving the failed gift as unclaimed for a subsequent run. Then it moves onto the next url.

Because of the way it works, after you click the gift in the address bar you will have to keep that page open until the gift icon comes back into the address bar. After that you are free to navigate away from the notifications page, just don’t disturb the tab that opened in the background. It will remove itself when everything is done.

Also, if nothing happens when you click the gift icon that means there are no gifts to be accepted.


I just made this last night. I’ve only had the chance to test it on two computers so far, so I wouldn’t be surprised if something doesn’t work as described. smilie Leave a comment with as much detail as you can of what you expected to happen and what did happen.

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