Dragon Age Legends Flash Quality Toggle and other Tips

Dragon Age Legends Flash Quality Toggle and other Tips by eleilani83

Hello sers,

I noticed that there were a few topics with people asking for ways to reduce the occurence of lagging, or they were merely looking for a way to play DAL on computers which run the game slowly in its current state. Here’s a centralized post with tips to help those of you who may be interested in such time and mind-saving tips:

1. For Chrome, the extension Flash Render Qualith Changer (FRQc) can be added to your browser through the Chrome store:


Because of the very tight time limit, I use this extension on Low quality while raiding. Just don’t forget to either set it back to Normal quality, or disable it, while watching streaming video on YouTube or Hulu. It will decrease the quality of Flash on those sites as well.

2. Skip to the end with the Space Bar: Press the SPACE BAR between waves of enemies to skip the walking animations. Or even press space bar at the begining of a battle (while the screen is scrolling from the last wave of enemies to the first) to save yourself some time.

*new* Holding the SPACE BAR, or possibly rapidly pressing it, can skip some animations in active battles. I personally find this shortcut useful for mage spells like Inferno and Grease, which have longer animation times. It doesn’t work too well for me with short animation attacks, like Poison Arrow or Throw Voice, but this may not be the case for other players. You can also skip through enemy attack animations.

The SPACE BAR can also be held down in order to rapidly travel from your current battle node to your destination node in the maps. I really like this one for non-quest related grinding when I finish a cluster of respawn nodes, and another set is located at the opposite side of a large map.

3. Try refreshing your browser after three to five battles. This may speed up the game again for you.

I don’t use Firefox or IE, so if anyone else has tips on Flash quality toggle extensions for those browsers, please share that info with your fellow forum members.

Happy playing!


Low Quality Flash seems to be a well reviewed Flash quality toggle extension for Firefox. If anyone knows more about this extension, please give us tips!


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